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Motorbike news from around Thailand

All-New Z800 2016

Even though the overwhelming majority of street bikes on the rows of the United States are available in three standard classes – the 600, the 1000, and the 1200 - Kawasaki has decided to buck the trend by introducing their new mid-level street bike, the Z800. And all early indications are that it is going to be the best street bike available in the US, and honestly it isn’t even close.

Yamaha YZF R3 2016

Yamaha motorcycles have always been regarded highly for brand-new riders that are looking to get into the motorcycle community, especially those without any real riding history or passed to speak of. That’s because these bikes have been specifically engineered to be as “user-friendly” as possible, and are also some of the easiest bikes on the road to wrench yourself so that you can take care of maintenance and repairs without having to go to the shop or dealer.

BMW S1000RR 2015

Even though most super sport motorcycles come out of Japan these days, it’s impossible to sleep on everything that those crazy German engineers have been cooking up for the brand-new BMW S1000RR. Almost over engineered, just about absolutely everything is new for this superbike, and those German engineers hit every sweet spot necessary to produce one of the most stunning sports bikes on the planet today.

Ducati Monster 821 2015

You would have an almost impossible time finding any motorcycle rider that hasn’t fantasized about owning a Ducati 821 “Monster” – one of the most impressive, powerful, and perfectly balanced “naked” motorcycles on the planet. Unfortunately, until just recently, the Ducati 821 wasn’t exactly living up to the “Monster” moniker it earned when it first hit the market decades ago – but that’s all changing with the latest 2015 version.

Yamaha YZF R1 2015

There is a reason why people are going crazy over the 2015 Yamaha YZF R1. For a good decade and a half stretch, Japanese motorcycle manufacturers (but especially Yamaha) were the King of the Hill when it came to the introduction of incredibly advanced technology and electronics mated to perfectly engineered superbikes designed to fly around the track and the open road.

Triumph Daytona 675R ABS

For years and years now, Triumph motorcycles have focused on giving riders the ultimate in comfort and control, producing some of the best road touring bikes the world has ever seen. These bikes were heavy, safe, and designed for multi-day trips down windy roads. But there’s a new breed of Triumph bikes hitting the market in the last few years, and the 2015 Triumph Daytona 675R ABS exemplifies this new transition. Triumph has clearly set their sights on the superbike community, and with the new Daytona, they get a lot more right than they do wrong.

Ducati Scambler

Ducati motorcycles have always been some of the most exciting options on the planet, and as much a "lifestyle" motorcycle as Harley-Davidsons - if not more so! People purchase Ducati motorcycles not only for the power, performance, and stunning good looks, but also because of the history and almost legendary reputation that these bikes ever earned ever since the very first Ducati rolled off of the assembly line.