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Motorbike news from around Thailand

Vespa LXV 150 3Vie Calimero Limited Edition

For decades now the folks at Vespa have been responsible for producing some of the most iconic to wield vehicles on the planet, and though they are most well-known for their incredible line of vintage scooters that have helped to define the Italian culture for many around the world, their next generation scooters are also incredible examples of picture-perfect two wheeled engineering.

All New Triumph Bonneville T120

Originally released in 1966, the first Triumph Bonneville T120 was an amazing introduction into the world of British motorbikes – and today (nearly 50 years to the month) the newest version of this iconic motorcycle not only lives up to but also exceeds all expectations. This is a very, very impressive motorcycle.

Stallion Centaur 400

Easily one of the most impressive café racer style motorcycles to be manufactured in the last few years, the Stallion CT 400 is a combination project between Stallion Motorcycles in Thailand and one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of motorcycles Shineray Motorcycles.

2nd Speed Rider Meeting 2016

It has already passed for 2nd Speed Rider Meeting 2016 Thailand on 1st May 2016. The premium Big Bike show BMW S 1000RR from all around Thailand and many more activities such as: Safety Riding Show, Stunt Show Siam Stunt by Lai Prang, Party foam by X-Speed, Lady's Rider pretty contest, Honor motorcycles show from Special Branch Bureau , Extreme music by DJ girls, Pretty girls and famous internet idol models...

New Honda CBR300R

For years and years now, people looking to get into the world of motorcycles have been turning to the Honda 300 line to help them do exactly that. Intelligently designed, performance focused, and created to help new motorcycle riders understand exactly what they are getting into driving around on two wheels, the Honda 300 line has always been received well – but the Honda new CBR 300R is going to improve that reputation even more, if at all possible!

Kawasaki Z125

Kawasaki has never been shy about shaking of the motorcycle industry. They were some of the first engineers to pioneer the “sports bike” community, were some of the original engineers to strap larger and more powerful engines to lighter weight motorcycles, and were responsible for some of the biggest breakthroughs in motorcycle history – especially from a design and performance standpoint.

New Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport

For years and years now, the engineers and designers over at Suzuki has been responsible for making some of the best superbike options on the planet. Their line of GSX R motorcycles are always regarded as some of the best designed, best looking, and fastest iron horses ever created, and there’s a reason why somebody people flock to Suzuki each and every year when they are ready to buy their first motorcycle or upgrade to a superbike like the GSX R1000.

Suzuki SV650 2016

Easily one of the most iconic motorcycles ever produced by Suzuki, the SV650 has always been a favorite of new riders just looking to get their bearings on a motorcycle and more experienced riders that are looking for something fast, something safe, and something fuel-efficient. Even though it hasn’t been offered from Suzuki brand-new for a couple of years now...

All new CBR150R

If you’ve been in the market for a starter motor cycle, or if you want to make sure that your kid is able to learn how to ride the motorcycle safely, the odds are pretty good that you’ve taken a look at the all new CBR150R from Honda. Easily one of the most impressive starter motorcycles you’re going to find on the market today.

All new Honda MSX 125SF 2016

Not exactly a full-sized motorcycle, but anything but a scooter, the all new Honda MSX 125SF is something else entirely – and it’s a lot of fun! Perfect for those that want to commute all around town (but not exactly something that you never want to drive out onto the freeway), this “mini motorcycle” can achieve a top speed of about 53 mph and offers the kind of acceleration that you are looking for to get in and out of traffic efficiently.

Why You Should Visit the Bangkok Motorbike Festival 2016

If you’re constantly looking up motorbike information or reading about the latest motorbike releases, then you would enjoy a trip to a motorbike show. There’s a lot more to motorbike shows than just pretty ladies in tight outfits (although, that is an added bonus) and anyone who even has the slightest interest in motorbikes would have an enormous amount of fun at these events.

Yamaha XSR700 2016

For years and years now, Yamaha has been responsible for designing and building some of the best production motorcycles to hit the market. They've recently partnered up with a Los Angeles-based Japanese bike builder to create retro inspired motorcycles that take advantage of advanced modern technology and engineering, but up until just recently we’ve only been able to get a look at prototype motorcycles from this partnership.