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Motorbike news from around Thailand

New Yamaha Nmax 2020

The New Yamaha Nmax 2020 is one of the best-selling scooters on the market today. The latest in the Yamaha Nmax family comes with updated technology and styling upgrades.

Suzuki GSX-S150 2020

The Suzuki GSX-S150 is a street sport bike that will allow driving to be more enjoyable with the power of driving technology. It is packed with a variety of functions that you will enjoy with every speed and beat.

Suzuki Saluto 125

The new Suzuki Saluto 125 that has just been unveiled will not be like the ones that they sell in the Indian market with an engine of 125 cc. This scooter has gotten its inspiration from the Vespa and Lambretta scooters.

Honda New Super Cub 2020

Honda is starting a new era with the new Honda Super Cub 2020, which is a timeless classic. Honda is the leader o the Thai motorcycle industry and it is introducing a family style fashion motorcycle. There will be new colors combines with timeless white wind. It will feature a round LED headlight that shines far in the distance and the speedometer face has maintained the retro style.

GPX New Demon 150-GR FI

The GPX Demon 150-GR-FI has just been released with new colors, stick, and injector technology. It is designed to be compact and the most ergonomic to date. It will meet the traveling in a narrow space and make driving easier in traffic jams.

Triumph Tiger 900

The Triumph motorcycle is the market leader in British motorcycles. When the Triumph Tiger 900 launches, it will come with four sub-models that will meet every journey. This motorcycle will be the Touring Adventure group.

New Yamaha XMAX 300

The all-new Yamaha XMAX 300 is nothing short of a stylish yet sporty motorcycle with its aggressive angular bodywork. Thai Yamaha Motor Co. has been able to deliver a top-class premium scooter that is outstanding in strength and high-class appearance.

Honda CB1100 / EX / RS 2019

The Neo-Classic style motorbike from Honda, CB1100 has received new models this 2019, the CB1100 EX and CB1100 RS, which are great upgrades from the previous models. Some of the notable changes include the switch from a 14 litre fuel tank to a 17 litre fuel tank to facilitate long-distance travel.

2019 Honda Forza 300 New Look

Since its debut in Bangkok motor Show 39 In 2015, Forza has significantly transformed and incorporated more fascinating features. The new 2018 Honda Forza 300 is a perfect upgrade of its previous model Forza 300. The Forza 300 scooter from Honda Company is a 300cc motorbike.

Yamaha Freego 125

The new Yamaha Freego 125 is the best value scooter from Yamaha that goes for only 50,900 baht. The style is modern and facilitates easy functionality for everyday activities. The gearbox of the Yamaha Freego 125is automatic providing ease of riding for all age groups.

Kawasaki W175 Cafe 2019 Review

Indonesia has just released the latest model of its Kawasaki W175 Café 2019. It is using the block-lift engine and pull-out structure from the W175 along with the 4-stroke piston that is cooled by the original block air, and a 177 cc 1 engine but there are some differences in this latest model.

Honda Super Cub 2019 Review

The Honda Super Cub 2019 has debuted with two brand new colors, which are blue-white, and orange-white. They join the family of original colors, white, red-white, and green-white. It is a Japanese family retro style motorcycle.