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2019 Honda Forza 300 New Look

Since its debut in Bangkok motor Show 39 In 2015, Forza has significantly transformed and incorporated more fascinating features. The new 2018 Honda Forza 300 is a perfect upgrade of its previous model Forza 300. The Forza 300 scooter from Honda Company is a 300cc motorbike.

Yamaha Freego 125

The new Yamaha Freego 125 is the best value scooter from Yamaha that goes for only 50,900 baht. The style is modern and facilitates easy functionality for everyday activities. The gearbox of the Yamaha Freego 125is automatic providing ease of riding for all age groups.

Kawasaki W175 Cafe 2019 Review

Indonesia has just released the latest model of its Kawasaki W175 Café 2019. It is using the block-lift engine and pull-out structure from the W175 along with the 4-stroke piston that is cooled by the original block air, and a 177 cc 1 engine but there are some differences in this latest model.

Honda Super Cub 2019 Review

The Honda Super Cub 2019 has debuted with two brand new colors, which are blue-white, and orange-white. They join the family of original colors, white, red-white, and green-white. It is a Japanese family retro style motorcycle.

Honda Wave 110 2019 Review

The Honda Wave 110 2019 was made available to the public this January. It was officially launched in Thailand. This is one of the most popular family cars in all of Thailand. The Honda motorcycle was first introduces in 1997.

Kawasaki W800 Café 2019 Review

In March 2019 the Kawasaki W800 Café 2019 will be launched for the first time. It will have some differences from the previous model. In the Kawasaki W800 Café 2019 the iconic 1966 W1 heritage runs deep. The company has managed to preserve the authenticity of the iconic W1 but also modernize it for riders who like to ride to a throaty roar of a performance that is timeless.

Harley Davidson LiveWire 2019 Review

The Harley Davidson LiveWire 2019 has been years in the making with the first prototype in 2014. The company was trying to find out how well received and electric bike would be received by riders.

GPX Demon 150 GN 2018 review

It is a motorcycle that when you take it on the road it will be sporty looking but also a lot of fun to ride. The most unusual change to this version of the GPX Demon 150 GN would be the new headlight, which is now a full LED version of the Razer 220.

Kawasaki Z900 2018 Review

This motorcycle will come equipped with a 4-cylinder, 948 cc engine that will give the rider 126-horsepower. It has a ‘Slipper Clutch’ that will help to increase the speed of curvature. Although not much has been said about the frame of the Kawasaki Z900 it is expected to be the new ‘steel trellis frame, which will make it a lighter motorcycle.

Triumph Thruxton R Review

This standard motorcycle has a 4-stroke, 2 cylinder parallel twin engine. It has an electric starter and uses regular gas with a 3.8 gallon fuel capacity. The Triumph Thruxton R has a manual transmission with 6-speed.

All new Yamaha M-Slaz

This motorcycle will come equipped with a one hundred fifty five cc engine fitted with a variable valve system (VVA), both of which will be the selling points of the Yamaha M-Slaz. It has a top speed of one hundred thirty KMPH.

Yamaha YZ250F 2019 Review

This one is considered an entry-level motocross with new and old technologies as it moves into the twenty-first century. For the Yamaha YZ250F 2019 it has been totally redesigned. The one drawback with the Yamaha YZ250F is that it cannot be used drive real on the road but is good for diving in closed areas such as in a motocross race.