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When you rent a car Thailand it is not difficult and generally a straightforward process, even if you do not speak Thai. It will be helpful to know the different things about driving in Thailand before you leave to work or vacation there, especially in regards to the licensing requirements. If you choose not to drive, you can do a car rental Thailand with a driver. Most airports have car rental agencies that you can choose to rent cars from and the more common tourist’s areas. In addition to the better-known car rental Bangkok, agencies there are also local car rental agencies.

Some things that a person should know before you do a car rental Bangkok can include:


When you drive a car yourself, you will need to have a full license and not one that is considered a probationary license. It must be from your home country. There are some companies when you rent a car Bangkok where you will also need to have an international driving permit. This is something you will need to get from your home country also. If your home country is not English speaking and your license is not in English you may have to have a translated copy. One thing to check is to see if your car would be covered by insurance if you just have your regular license form. You may need that international driving permit to have insurance cover any accidents that might occur.

How you should drive a car rental Bangkok and Thailand

In Thailand, most of the roads are well maintained on the principle routes in the main cities and towns but the standard of driving varies. For example, in Thailand you have to pay special attention to the motorbikes that can come from any direction. On the main highways, it is advisable to not drive a car rental Thailand on the main highway because of the heavy goods vehicles and trucks travel them at night. One thing to note is that traffic laws in Thailand are not well regulated so this can result in speedy, reckless driving that can cause accidents.

For car rental Bangkok one thing to note is that it is notorious for its traffic, especially around the heart of the capital. It is very easy to be caught in a Bangkok traffic jam so if you do not know the city it is advisable to rent a car Bangkok with a driver.

Rules of the road

The costs to rent a car

The cost of a car rental Bangkok will depend on where you are in Thailand when renting a car. There are many rent-a- car agencies that you can rent a car Thailand. It depends on the agency, the day(s) of the week you are renting the car, what type of car, and duration of the rental. You may also need to leave a deposit in cash or present a credit card as a guarantee. In some instances with the well known agencies if you book in advance you may be eligible for a discount. If you want to extend the length of your rental agreement car rental Bangkok, you will need to notify the car rental agency at least two days before the end of the contract.

Some of the other charges you may be charged when you rent a car Thailand an include

What you need to do when renting a car

When you rent a car Thailand, you will need to sign a contract. This legal binding document will protect the rental company and the one renting the car. Before you sign the contract, make sure you know what to do in case of an accident and what if the car is stolen.

Before signing the contract make sure that you are aware of these things.

When renting a car you may be offered the option of having a driver do the driving. Many tourists use this option as they can explore the local areas and you do not have to worry about getting around in a foreign country, learning how they drive, and not having to worry about getting lost. If you hire a driver with your rent a car Thailand, it is best to make sure that they speak your language. Having a driver, they can also act as your tour guide. Hiring a car and driver can also be very beneficial for those go on day trips to local attractions. They also have the knowledge of the best places you should see during your stay there. You should give them a tip at the end of the services to show your appreciation service but is not a requirement.


In Thailand, they are referred to as Petrol stations and are numerous in the country and easy to find. Most car rentals Thailand use gasoline with ethanol mix called Gasohol or unleaded gas. Although the bigger petrol stations take credit cards, it is best to have cash on hand in case they do not take credit cards.

Benefits of a car rental Thailand

One important thing to remember is that when driving a car rental Thailand you must at all time have on your person or carried with you your passport, driving license, and permit. Most rent a car Bangkok agencies require that the main driver be twenty-one years of age, which is the minimum age required.

When doing a car rental Bangkok you should make sure that you are renting from a well-known company although there are many local companies there that are cheaper. You need to be careful choosing a rental agency based on price. Yes they may be cheaper but their cars may not be as sound or run as well as the ones from a well known agency The cheaper company may be renting out cars that are ten years ole or older. Choose a company that only uses late model cars that have low millage.

In order to explore more of Thailand renting a car is the best option as outside of the downtown area public transportation options are very limited. When you rent a car in Bangkok, it allows you to explore the area at you own pace and you can even venture off the beaten pat and visit some of the secluded sandy beaches, and tiny villages you would not be able to see if you did not rent a car Thailand.