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What is Motors?

Motors Co., Ltd., is a online portal specifically set-up to aid people looking to buy and sell cars and motorbikes online with ease.

How can I sell my vehicle?

Selling a car on motors is easy you first need to register for an an account free of charge, to create an account please follow this link.

How can I setup an account?

Setting up an account with Motors is as easy as 1-2-3!

  • Create an account on the register page.
  • An activation link will be sent to you by email if it has not arrived in a few minuets please check you junk/spam folder.
  • Click the activation link that is sent to you by email.

Can I set up a Company account as a dealer?

Yes there is a Corporate account available for dealerships to advertise more than two cars or motorbikes, to have a company account set up please follow the registration process and select (company) under account type. Please note that to set up a company account you will need to provide your company documents.

Can I delete the vehicle sold on motors?

Yes it is simple you can delete car or motorbike sold in your client area, please login and simply Select the desired car you would like to remove and click the delete button. There will be a pop up asking you to confirm the deletion, please press OK to delete your posting.

How can I reset my password?

Please click on the sign in tab and click on the forgot my password, on the next page please enter your email that you use with motors then click on the temporary email that was sent to you. Once you login with the temporary password you will be prompted to change your temporary password.

Can I change my registered email?

Yes you can do this by simply sending us an email to with your request.

Can I change my username?

Sorry but you are not able to change your user name once it has been registered, your username will be what potential buyers will identify you by.

How can I delete my account?

Please send us an email to support letting us know that you would like your account to be deleted and we will take care of that for you.

Posting guidelines

How to make the most out of you advertisement on motors?

Simple follow these instructions and you will have the perfect ad in no time.

Comprehensive information

Please make sure you are as comprehensive as possible when making a listing make sure you list all the information about your car you are selling. More is merrier = the more information you put down the more chance you have of finding a buyer.

Title & Description

You advertisement should describe the car you are selling, you don’t need to ad you phone number or any company details as your details will be right next to the ad.

Car or Motorbike category

Please choose the correct car category:

  • Used Vehicles over 12 months old
  • Nearly new Vehicles 6 to 12 months old and
  • New Vehicles are under 6 months old.

Please note these date are from the registration date not the year of manufacture/production.

One Vehicle per ad

Place only one Vehicle in one ad, if you have multiple Vehicles that are similar please put them in septate adverts with their own images and in depth description.

No duplicate advertisements

Please don't create multiple postings for the same Vehicle or try to advertise the same Vehicle in different categories as your they will be deleted before even being published.

Pricing my ad

It is important that you state the exact price in THB any postings with out proper pricing will be rejected.


Always use the real images of the car you are advertising, please do not use images from other advertisers with out consent as they are protected by copy right laws. Please make sure you do not use images that are not of the car you are selling or images that have a watermark from another website.

No misleading or unrealistic offers

We reserve the right to reject advertisements that we deem to be misleading or unrealistic, to avoid your advertisement being rejected please make sure if you offer finance or quote interest rates please make sure you put small disclaimer on the bottom of your ad description saying something like "subject to approval".

Ad Rejection

In the event that you advertisement is rejected due to not complying with our rules, you have 48 hours to make the necessary alterations. If no changes are made within the 48 time limit your ad will be deleted from our system.

Termination of a user account

If at any time your account violates our ad postings rules and/or the terms of service we reserve the right to terminate an account without prior notice.