Kawasaki W175 Cafe 2019 Review

Kawasaki W175 Cafe 2019 Review

Indonesia has just released the latest model of its Kawasaki W175 Café 2019. It is using the block-lift engine and pull-out structure from the W175 along with the 4-stroke piston that is cooled by the original block air, and a 177 cc 1 engine but there are some differences in this latest model.


  • This model will be closed in the display part
  • A new screen pattern on the side of the tank
  • Thicker seat that is made from artificial leather but will have the same stitching as if they were real leather.
  • Rear shock absorber spring will use a golden yellow coil
  • Rear part will have a shorter length to give it more of a sporty mood.

It will have a chrome color on the exhaust protector. This will give it a classy touch

Specifications and features

  • 177 cc cylinder volume
  • Fuel supply system is a Mikuni VM24 carburetor
  • Has a fuel capacity of 13.5 liters/3.57 gallons
  • Electric starter with no kick starter
  • Has front wheel 220mm disc break and rear has 110mm brake drum
  • Rear suspension has swing arm with adjustable shock absorber springs
  • Wire spoke wheels front and rear tires
  • Manual 5-speed transmission
  • Analog fuel gauge and odometer on the console
  • Adjustable headlights
  • Meter visor that will match the body color
  • The seat will feature a tucked role pattern. It combines black and brown to give it an elegant, classic look. With the back of the seat being thicker it will give the effect of a single seat cover silhouette. For motorcycles with the café style flow, this is normal.
  • Has a semi-double tubular cradele frame
  • The length, width, and height is 1,930 x 765 x 1,030 mm

The Kawasaki W175 Café 2019 comes in three colors, which are:

  • Red Candy Fire Red
  • Yellow Yellow Café
  • Metallic Flat Greystone Gray

Posted: 12 July 2019