Toyota Prius 2016

Toyota Prius 2016

When the very first Toyota Prius rolled off of the assembly line what seems like forever ago, it completely turned the automotive world on its head.

This was one of the very first hybrids that ever got everything right, providing eco-conscious drivers a vehicle that they weren’t going to feel saddled with. This was in eco-friendly vehicle that had more than enough speed at the top end and an incredible amount of range to boot, all packaged with industry-leading (at the time) fuel economy.

Well, it’s been a while since people have been that excited about a new Toyota Prius, but that’s exactly what’s happening right now!

Initial Impressions

Toyota Prius 2016 is a wonderful evolution (as opposed to revolution) of the car that so many millions have come to love.

Far and away one of the most attractively designed hybrid vehicles on the road right now, the current Toyota Prius was always something that was going to turn heads, but Toyota Prius 2016 is even more attractive than that. All of the lines have been redesigned, the new headlights are absolutely beautiful and very functional, and the general feel of this car is something very modern, something very slick, and something very fast.

People are excited, and they should be!

Standout Features

Of course, a new Prius has to deliver more than just a pretty face - and this one certainly does!

Packing a brand-new hybrid engine that combines a four-cylinder 1.8 L motor with brand-new nickel metal hydride batteries (with a lithium-ion package of available at an upgrade), drivers are going to be able to enjoy right around 134 hp up 250 hp but more than 60 miles per gallon as far as fuel efficiency is concerned.

This is going to dramatically improve the fuel efficiency of the current Prius that gets about 55 miles per gallon, but it’s also going to extend out the range of the all electric Prius by about 30 miles. This is no inconsequential upgrade, but instead a major overhaul.

Combine that with the new aluminum frame and other weight shedding changes that Toyota has put into action, as well as one of the most intelligently designed engine systems available, and you are looking at a very much performance focused hybrid here.

Final Thoughts

Ever since the first Prius hit the market in 2000, it has been the gold standard for eco-friendly drivers looking to lessen their footprint on the world. People were excited when the first Prius touched down, and they’re definitely going to be excited about the brand-new Toyota Prius 2016 as well!

Posted: 27 October 2015

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