The MG 6

The MG 6

MG used to be one of the most significant and revered UK automobile manufacturers. Then Chinese ownership took over the company, fooled around with practically everything about those vehicles, and sales declined significantly.

However, with the brand-new MG 6, the Shanghai-based automobile manufacturer is back with a vengeance – putting forth their best effort in the form of this brand new hatchback.

Already quite impressive, the MG 6 is a very modern vehicle. Its power and performance definitely lives up to its “sport fastback” designation, and drivers that want a little bit of a thrill during their daily commute are going to appreciate all that this new vehicle has to offer.

Technical specifications

There are only 2 different engine setups available with the new MG 6 – a 158 hp/159 foot-pounds of torque turbocharged petrol engine and an equally powerful (but much more fuel-efficient) diesel engine.

The power is a bit lacking on the petrol side of things, but that’s to be expected. Acceleration is fair, and fuel efficiency is at a premium. You should be able to expect to get somewhere near 40 miles per gallon every single time you drive this vehicle, and even more (somewhere north of 45 miles per gallon) and when you have the diesel variant.

  • Body style - 5 door hatchback/fastback
  • Engine type - 1.8 L petrol motor, 1.9 L turbo diesel
  • Weight - 3274 pounds
  • Wheelbase - 106.5 inches
  • Transmission - Standard or automatic

Interior and exterior styling

Beautifully appointed, the exterior and interior design of MG 6 is smooth, futuristic, and definitely appealing. This definitely looks like a vehicle from the future.

Like most other hatchbacks, space in the interior is a little bit cramped. It is supposed to seat five full-sized adults comfortably, but you probably won’t want to push it past four.

The interior is also loaded with all kinds of techno-gadgets, including a reverse view camera and a navigation system – all modern-day amenities that people expect from new vehicles.

Driving performance and ride

Even though it isn’t the most powerful vehicle in the planet, the MG 6 is certainly one of the most comfortable to drive or ride in.

Thanks to the relatively small form factor and smaller wheelbase, it can handle pretty much everything that you throw at as far as road conditions are concerned. The all steel chassis gives it an extra bit of strength when going into and coming out of sharp turns, and because the suspension has been tuned perfectly you’ll be able to go across just about any road surface without noticing any bumps along the way.

As mentioned above, thanks to the turbocharger acceleration is going to be pretty quick and snappy – and you will definitely be able to get where you’re going in a hurry when you hit the accelerator on the MG 6.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, this is certainly one of the most impressive hatchbacks on the market right now.

MG is definitely trying to get back to reputation as one of the better automobile manufacturers on the planet, and the new MG 6 is a step in the right direction. While maybe not the best of the best, the MG 6 is a very impressive vehicle in its own right – and should only continue to get better!

Posted: 15 Auust 2014

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