One of the smartest looking compact cars on the market today, the new MG3 hatchback is introducing a brand-new generation to the MG brand of Cars.

Affordable, stylish, and with plenty of space without feeling like an oversized sedan, this car is closely related (in footprint and in modern styling) to the Fiat 500 and the MINI hatchback.

Needless to say, people are very, very excited about everything that this inexpensive car brings to the table – and rightfully so!



Producing 105 hp thanks to an intelligently designed it incredibly efficient 1.5 L engine, you’ll have more than enough "giddyup and go" when you’re looking to head out on the highway or accelerate through traffic.

Thanks to the relatively small engine, though, you’ll enjoy top-of-the-line gas mileage – and when paired with a five speed manual gearbox (as opposed to the six speed automatic gearbox available) you’ll have complete and total control over your fuel efficiency.

The suspension built specifically for the MG3 is soft enough to produce a very comfortable ride, but tight enough for performance focused drivers to feel like they are always in complete control, and the five speed manual gearbox mentioned above is a dream to shift.

The automatic six speed gearbox is a little bit more sluggish when working through the gears, but there is no slippage should and you won’t have to deal with any headaches when accelerating, either.


Exterior / Interior Styling

The exterior and interior styling of the MG3 has definitely been taken up a notch, with very aggressive and clean lines giving the MG3 a distinctly modern style.

MG has always been pretty snappy, but this one is incredibly well appointed throughout the interior – providing for a luxury like feel without ever having to pay a luxury like premium price tag.

Available in a variety of attention catching colors, you’ll also enjoy high-end lightning on the exterior and the interior and a number of other special features built into the different trim models.


Handling and Performance

As mentioned above, the handling (thanks to the almost sports tuned suspension) of the MG3 is an absolute dream, but you’re really going to appreciate the power that this 1.5 L engine is capable of producing when you touch the gas pedal.

It might not ever catapult you through a race track, but when you need that extra torque or that extra acceleration to help you pass people in traffic it will always be there.


Overall Impressions

At the end of the day, there is a reason why the MG3 is one of the most impressive (and affordable) compact cars on the market today. You are really going to appreciate owning this incredible vehicle.

Posted: 15 June 2015

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