Mercedes Benz CLS 2015

Mercedes Benz CLS 2015

The Mercedes Benz CLS line was launched in 2004, but it’s gotten a facelift for the new model year. In 2012, Mercedes added a station wagon to the model lineup they call the Shooting Brake, and is seems to have energized the whole line. The Shooting Brake isn’t available in the United States, so the entire CLS line is somewhat overlooked stateside, but the rest of the world is captivated by the idea of a super high-end station wagon.

Multibeam LED Is an Amazing Technology

While the Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 line is refreshed for the model year, the only real difference on the exterior is the integration of Multibeam LED technology into the front end. The upgrade changes both the appearance and the function of the headlamps. The units contain 24 separate LEDs, and they’re connected to a camera system that automatically determines the conditions of the road ahead, including oncoming traffic, and adjusts brightness to suit the road without blinding any oncoming traffic. Like many unusual options that appear on high-end cars first, this technology looks like it could make it to so many models in the future that it could become almost universal very soon.

The CLS Shooting Brake Is Small Only By SUV Standards

The Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 Shooting Brake is a big car by modern standards, but it’s still small compared to a typical SUV behemoth. The Shooting Brake is 4956 millimeters long, 2,075 mm wide, and 1,416 mm high. The ground-hugging chassis with a low roofline keeps the CLS from having any hint of the upright, boxy style that’s become familiar with family runabouts in the SUV class.

The Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 cabin is as elegant as any Mercedes passenger compartment, and has one brand new element. There’s an eight-inch full color display mounted like a theatre screen in the center of the console, indicating that the days of suction cup marks on windshields for navigation are numbered. Mercedes interiors are pretty gaudy compared to sedate offerings from marques like BMW and Audi, but they never veer into the world of tacky like many American and Japanese brands. There’s a button for everything, and every button has its place.

Five Versions With a Range Of Power Plants

There are 3 versions of the Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 available.

  • CLS Coupe 250 CDI Exclusive - Diesel 2,143 cc., 204 HP
  • CLS Coupe 250 CDI AMG Premium - Diesel 2,143 cc., 204 HP
  • CLS Shooting Brake 250 CDI Exclusive - Diesel 2,143 cc., 204 HP

Expensive, and Worth It

Every model of the Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 rides like a dream, and goes 0-100 metre in a respectable 7.8 seconds, even with the inline-four engine. The Shooting Brake only looks like a family wagon. It rides and accelerates as capably as any Mercedes, and even the big cabin doesn’t sound noisy unless you fill it with toddlers and dogs.

Posted: 13 November 2014