Honda HR-V The Premium Sport Crossover

Honda HR-V The Premium Sport Crossover

Honda HR-V is the Premium Sport Crossover. With the great combination of unique design and  pretty modern looks. The suspensions of Honda HR-V is great for all kind of roads and driving. There is a range of options and accessories to suit your family and needs. Large cabin room and plenty of space for legs and head, seats can be adjusted for multipurpose like other HUV cars.

Honda HR-V or in another name called Honda Vezel in some countries, comes with the most latest safety accessories, electric panoramic sunroof. Under the hood it sports a i-VTEC engine 1.8L which able to use E85 as well. The Honda HR-V has very nice headlights, daytime running lights and nice designed LED brake lights. So high standard safety equipment such as: Electric Parking Break, Auto Break Hold, VSA for the balancing and HAS for acceleration. All these can bring the Honda HR-V stands out from other premium sport crossover cars.

Honda HR-V has a 1.8L SOHC i-VTEC engine that gives 141 horse powers combined with an intelligent CVT automatic gear box designed by Honda and supports fuel types E10, E20, E85 and 91 gasoline.

The Honda HR-V also has Eco Assist  (Econ Mode + Eco Coaching). It has nice shark fin style antenna. The is a nice electric panoramic sunroof with separated controller switches. Door handles in coupe style. Alloy wheel 17”. Leather + fabric seats where you can choose from many colours.  The stereo system has Advance Touch audio and 7” MID monitor which can connect to 6 Bluetooth devices.

More safety with 4 reverse sensors and reverse cameras that show how close you are to an obstacle. The Honda HR-V seats are adjustable up to 3 combinations. Smarter with door control system and an intelligent engine start system that will get you going in no time. The new owner of this Honda HR-V will be happy with an option to choose from new colors that Honda have made avaible: Alabaster Silver Metallic, Crystal Black Pearl, White Orchid Pearl, Ruse Black Metallic and Morpho Blue Pearl.

Available models and prices of Honda HR-V are below:

  • Honda HR-V 1.5  A MT 678,900 Baht
  • Honda HR-V 1.5  S MT 789,000 Baht
  • Honda HR-V 1.5  S CVT 899,000 Baht
  • Honda HR-V 1.5  E CVT 949,000 Baht

Honda HR-V the new premium sport crossover for today in coupe style which you will need to buy it after have seen it.

Posted: 26 November 2014

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