Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V

Honda BR-V

In 2015, Honda unveiled they are all new crossover SUV – the Honda BR-V – to almost universal acclaim throughout the automotive industry.

Absolutely everyone in attendance at the Indonesian International Auto Show would have told you that it effortlessly stole all of the attention and held it throughout the week, giving the rest of the automobile industry something to think about.

Crossover SUVs are incredibly popular right now, though no one has been able to really hit the sweet spot between performance and price.

Well, Honda may have finally pulled it off with the brand-new Honda BR-V.

Honda BR-V


From a purely design standpoint, the brand-new Honda BR-V has a much more masculine and much more aggressive and bold design pattern than it used to in the past.

It offers a line of rugged charm while still looking rather clean, rather of modern, and rather updated, and includes a considerable amount of safety features built right into this new design that is only going to accelerate its sales.

The cabin is amazingly spacious (comfortably seating seven in a three row set up that never feels too large), and is appointed with all kinds of luxury features that you’re expecting from this top automaker.

Honda BR-V


As far as the performance of this new crossover SUV is concerned, the brand-new Honda BR-V is going to feature a 1.5 L and 117 hp four-cylinder engine, capable of producing amazing performance from a fuel efficiency standpoint without sacrificing any acceleration along the way.

You’ll get about 100 hp (some have it as high as 115 hp), and will have more than enough acceleration to feel completely comfortable out on the open highway. Offering right around 41 miles per gallon, this is almost unheard of in the world of crossover SUVs – but is definitely where things are beginning to trend nowadays.

The Honda BR-V is certainly something special, that’s for sure.

Honda BR-V

Final verdict

Though there are a lot of different crossover SUV options for you to pick and choose from, you’d have to be at least it would be crazy not to take advantage of the impressive specifications that the new Honda BR-V has to offer.

Posted: 04 March 2016

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