BMW 218i Gran Tourer

BMW 218i Gran Tourer

The newest front-wheel-drive BMW to be built upon the back of the revolutionary UKL architecture, the BMW 218i Gran Tourer has exceeded expectations across the board and is poised to become one of the bestselling luxury vehicles in the UK (and other select markets) in the coming year.

Compact yet present, powerful but economical, and designed with comfort in mind without sacrificing performance or safety, this is the compact BMW that people have been waiting for for years and years now.


The new BMW 218i Gran Tourer is going to be available with two different gasoline engines (the three-cylinder 134 hp and the four-cylinder 189 hp engines) and three different diesel engines (a three cylinder 114 hp engine, a four-cylinder 148 hp engine, and a larger xDrive four-cylinder 187 hp engine) that have been mated to either a six speed manual or eight speed automatic gearbox.

This allows new owners to pick and choose the perfect BMW for their specific needs, while at the same time opening up a tremendous amount of flexibility in the fuel efficiency department.

Styling and comfort

Completely redesigned from tip to tail, the BMW 218i Gran Tourer looks a bit like a minivan that has been significantly upgraded in the aesthetics department, while at the same time shaving off a little bit of extra weight as well.

The kidney bean grille that is the very distinct mark of BMW remains, but almost everything else about the exterior styling of this new BMW is revolutionary for the legendary brand.

Inside you're going to find gorgeous appointments throughout, and you'll certainly have more than enough space to transport anyone or anything you like. In fact, when you fold down the rear seats, you’ll be able to open up 1905 L of extra load space – close to the best in class!

Final verdict

All things considered, there probably aren't going to be any better minivan options on the planet that can come close to the BMW 218i Gran Tourer. A luxury vehicle through and through as well as a vehicle well deserving of the BMW moniker "The Ultimate Driving Machine", you're going to love everything that this vehicle brings to the table.

Posted: 23 September 2015

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