Bangkok Imported Car & Used Car Show 2015

Bangkok Imported Car & Used Car Show 2015

This year's "The 7th Bangkok Imported Car Show & Used Car Show" will offer contracts for quality used cars right on the spot.  This is the 7th annual show. The show organizers, Grand Prix International PLC, want to focus on after-sales services. One of these services that will be included at the car show is a full refund for defects found after the finalization of the sale.  This is the first time that such a guarantee has been offered at the auto show.

Event organizers have worked to implement this guarantee by issuance of a certification that will be provided to buyers at the time of purchase during the event. Along with quality used cars, the show will also highlight imported cars. Used motorcycles are part of the exhibition, as well.

The event takes place over one week, from July 20-26 at Impact Arena, Exhibition, and Convention Center.  Show organizers expect over 100,000 buyers to be in attendance throughout the week. These buyers are expected to have over 12,000 vehicles to choose from. The purpose for the auto show is to strengthen the Thai auto industry. To aid in this effort, special deals will be announced throughout the show.

One reason for such an aggressive push in used car sales is a new tax on car sales that will go into affect soon. The 7th Bangkok imported car show & use car show is hoping that this year’s event generates enough sales to stabilize the Thai used car market in the midst of a downward turn in sales. Event organizers are also hoping to establish a level of credibility to the event that mirrors the level of credibility of the Bangkok International Motor Show, which has 36 years of credibility behind it.

With all of these special offers, including car accessories and other goods, The 7th Bangkok imported car show & use car show should be an event worth attending.

Posted: 08 July 2015