All-New Ford Everest 2015

All-New Ford Everest 2015

Ford Everest is all new for 2015. It’s an all-purpose vehicle that’s as comfortable on or off the road. It has a 7-seat design loaded with the latest in technology both under the hood and in the cabin. It makes a great daily driver, but you can fill it up with a family and go anywhere you want to go without worrying about getting stuck.

Based On the Reliable Ranger Chassis

Ford Everest is new, but it’s not likely to have the problems that often come with a brand new design. Ford Everest is based on a stretched Ford Ranger pickup truck frame, and a lot of its capabilities stem from the reliability and usefulness of a truck. Ford Everest has great ground clearance, with a skidplate design front and back that represents more than just a plastic design element. Ford Everest has the suspension and the clearance to go further off the highway than any of its peers.

A Big Wheelbase Makes the Cabin Roomier

Ford Ranger isn’t a big truck, but compared to many sport utility vehicles, the wheelbase on the Ford Everest is huge. That leaves a lot of room for the interior, and the Ford Everest seats 7 comfortably in three rows. In smaller sports utility vehicles, there are seven seats, but at least one row is an afterthought. Ford Everest is wide enough and long enough to give everyone plenty of headroom and legroom. Fold the back two rows of seats down, and there’s a perfectly flat space worthy of a utility van.

The interior doesn’t look like an off-road sports-utility vehicle. It’s as plush and comfortable as any Ford offering, with an 8-inch infotainment system screen, terrain selector controls, traction controls, and 2 or 4-wheel drive selector. It’s ready for anything that requires 12-volt power, USB ports, or an SD card.

A Lot Of Engine Options

Ford Everest has the latest technology under the hood. It’s got a 2.0-liter gasoline-powered option similar to what Ford uses in the United States for its popular Ford Fusion. If you step up to diesel, there’s a choice between a 2.2-liter four cylinder and a big 3.2-liter five cylinder. You can take your pick between a six-speed automatic and a stick shift.

Terrain Management Makes Offroading Easier

Ford Everest has the same Terrain Management system as its larger US cousin the Explorer, and it lets you change a host of drive train settings quickly to match the surface you’re traveling over. There’s an especially useful low-range setting for extra torque if you’re caught in a mire or heading up a steep incline with a lot of weight on board. The differential automatically locks to keep both rear wheels turning at the same rate.

Pricing information is hard to come by: expect to pay between 1 million and 1.35 million baht depending on the options.

Posted: 15 February 2015

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