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Secondhand MITSUBISHI LANCER (2010)
  • Used Car
  • 92,000 KM
  • Petrol
ABS, Air Bag, Air Conditioning, Auto Air Conditioning, CD Player, Cruise Control, Digital Mileage, DVD Player, Electric Adjustable Side Mirror, Electric Windows, Hi-Fi Stereo, Mag Wheel, MP3, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Power Steering Wheel, Radio, Remote Car Keys...
Secondhand SUZUKI SWIFT (2011)


430,000 THB

  • Used Car
SUZUKI SWIFT 1.5AT white year 2011 SUZUKI SWIFT 1.5GL AT 2011 White Very pretty confident 1.5GL Top super red handed down Keyless Entry White, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG pair, Bldg. Power, g Power, C locking, leather upholstery mirror. adjustment, white lights, fog lights, skirts, a rear spoiler., Bodyparts, Alloy 17, Multifunction car in very good condition. Just a short drive from home to work in it. The center odds here. Come watch it Please contact 081-981-8884 or LINE: sweetiewhan me 0819818884.
Secondhand HONDA JAZZ (2004)


215,000 THB

  • Used Car
HONDA JAZZ 1.5 AT ABS Airbag year 2004 and ready to use with transfer chatting up an appointment to see the car in the market all the time Save Ming contact 089-8657805 br /.
Secondhand MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS (1995)
  • Used Car
Sell ​​your car for his single-engine, transmission, suspension and then a very well-maintained. Recently gas nozzle Italian food car being the UK importer. Access to Xerox Benz Brahma, Thong use less air, transmission, suspension. Recently a new overhaul. Recently installed fuel injection Gas Discovery Centre Benz Thong completely new tires and go long. Guaranteed not to do anything, then cold air that fills Gas is for the fuel cap. DVD CD MP3 audio players using the more economical running 1.30 baht per kilo taste for it 0944471198.

360,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 65,001 KM
Suzuki APV 05 car sales down divinity 100 % annually in the center of this rare and beautiful color but does not stain easily - young drivers using one hand to drive back home - not the market condition. bruised Of course, not punitive Changes to pickup the garden into your home intact prove it - Do I see a car has a 089 7003449 or add line to ask for more information from the owners.
Secondhand TOYOTA COROLLA (1998)


148,000 THB

  • Used Car
TOYOTA - COROLLA - HI-TORQUE 1.6 GXi AT a good wining installing the gas, LPG ​​ No warranty is overturned without a hard collision, drowning, good condition. oil
Secondhand TOYOTA VIOS (2007)


250,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 167,000 KM
  • Petrol
Air Bag, Air Conditioning, Book Service, CD Player, Central Lock, Digital Mileage, DVD Player, Electric Windows, LCD Screen, MP3, Radio, Remote Car Keys, TV Screen...
Secondhand TOYOTA CORONA (1996)


150,000 THB

  • Used Car
Sell ​​Used br
Secondhand NISSAN TEANA (2005)


388,000 THB

  • Used Car
230JM TOP model class insurance shakes all the time and very quiet. Driving alone in the car was not hit hard 230JM TOP model class insurance shakes all the time and very quiet.

418,000 THB

  • Used Car
ISUZU - D-MAX - CAB-4 LS 3.0 Ddi VGS Turbo MT 4WD Grey, Manual, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG, May. POWER. g Power, C locking, leather upholstery, electrically adjustable door mirrors, fog lights, Side, awning, remote lock, screen LCD, Full Option 0816324322.

379,000 THB

  • Used Car
Black, Manual, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, May. Power, g Power, C locking, leather upholstery Electric Door Mirrors, Alloy 16 ", floor coverings. pickup there is no guarantee against heavy flooding original miles axle tight BOOK SERVICE stuck B / L, no support at home. e. the advisor is going there. statements, it is easy to guarantee the right to transfer tax. Bought transfer did not get back the full amount. A customer 's credit arranged 100 % approval easy to know soon Republic Financing was left to the deposits. Usually we do not accept reservations. Admission is free. Willing to assist in any case Grade A condition has selected more than 200 vehicles to visit a car directly to your bank Wisan Autocar Tel. 0827269771 Bank 0827269771.
Secondhand TOYOTA SOLUNA (2002)


130,000 THB

  • Used Car
TOYOTA SOLUNA 1.5 [E] AT Year 2002 Well, never mounted gas drive. Electric cars bought in the last month. Down to the full Silver ( lead), automatic transmission, air conditioning, radio, cassette, alloy wheels, Bldg. Power, g Electronics, C locks, cloth upholstery, electrically adjustable door mirrors ., Remote lock 0813764627
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