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Secondhand TOYOTA PRIUS (2014)


800,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 32,753 KM
  • Hybrid
ABS, Air Bag, Air Conditioning, Auto Air Conditioning, Bi-Xenon Headlight, Book Service, CD Player, Central Lock, Cruise Control, Digital Air Conditioning, Digital Mileage, DVD Player, Electric Adjustable Seat, Electric Adjustable Side Mirror, Electric Fold Side Mirror, Electric Windows, Hi-Fi Stereo, Immobilizer Remote Key...
Secondhand BMW SERIES 3 (2001)

BMW SERIES 3 (2001)

372,000 THB

  • Used Car
- Insurance 1st Thailand has evolved Repair and Services department - Option to have full console trim audio amplifier 2 CD 6 disc - Year 56 g turns, brake absorber panel. 4-Door and cloth headlining the new Bridgestone tires, 4 new lines - check the car history.
Secondhand TOYOTA SOLUNA (2004)


185,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 150,001 KM
SOLUNA VIOS 1.5 J black car home for good, original to LPG cars available haggle for it 0871059673.
Secondhand MITSUBISHI L200-STRADA (1998)
  • Used Car
Pickup MITSUBISHI STADA 2.8 AUTO gray 1998 diesel 2800cc 4-wheel drive and suspension and ready to use 31-inch wheels, excellent condition, new shock absorber RANCHA 4 soft - hard 0924690905.
Secondhand HONDA CIVIC (2009)


419,000 THB

  • Used Car
Interested in buying 2nd hand car body beautiful original condition. Do not worry, worry, I will not dye it. Feel the center Wisan Autocar mezzanine Bang has a large selection of more than 200 vehicles. Every body has a warranty card. Heavy flooding is not the course. We have over 10 finance companies Select your customers and Used car show with Wisan Autocar Auto Center. At the Government Center Building B from Pak. 24-30 / 11/2557 Offers excellent variety. I found it Call for registration with Chef Chef. From now until it 0827269699 Down 49,000 baht Gray, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG match up. Power, g Power, C. Log., velvet upholstery, electrically adjustable door mirrors, Alloy 15 " gas NGV 0827269699.
Secondhand SEAT CORDOBA (2002)


215,000 THB

  • Used Car
Sell ​​Seat Alhambra 1.9 TDi Auto Triptronic 2002. Ron 's silver good condition Turbo Diesel 1900cc Auto Parts is a family car with 7 seats Volk has outlawed modify shapes. as required High torque diesel
Secondhand MERCEDES-BENZ E CLASS (2014)
  • Nearly New Car
  • 77,000 KM
  • Diesel
Electric Adjustable Side Mirror, Electric Fold Side Mirror, Electric Windows, Remote Car Keys, Book Service, LCD Screen, TV Screen, Power Steering Wheel, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Cruise Control, Mag Wheel, Radio, Sun Roof, Moon Roof, CD Player, DVD Player, ABS, Electric Adjustable Seat...
Secondhand HONDA CIVIC (2002)


199,000 THB

  • Used Car
HONDA CIVIC Dimension EXi 1.7 AT 2002 199000 What are your prices? The problem is, no support, the B / L is the registration. E. The. Willing to assist in any case Check before booking Leasing Is not no reserve and no cost with any campaign, please contact Kay Wisan Autocar. 091-1202384 HONDA CIVIC Dimension EXi 1.7 AT 2002 Price 199000 Red, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Bldg. Power, g Power, C locking seat. leather, electric mirrors, alloy 14 " installation of gas NGV available guaranteed not the heavy floods original miles axle tight BOOK SERVICE stuck B / L, no support at home.. e. the advisor is going out a budget, it is easy to transfer the rights guaranteed by law. Bought transfer did not get back the full amount. A customer 's credit arranged 100 % approval easy to know soon Republic Financing was left to the deposits. Usually we do not accept reservations. Admission is free. Willing to assist in any case Grade A condition has selected more than 200 vehicles to visit a car directly at Tum Wisan Autocar Tel. 091-1202384 0911202384.
Secondhand HONDA CITY (2003)


188,000 THB

  • Used Car
Sale HONDA CITY 1.5 A i-DSI year 2003 bronze gear steering. Velvet cushion original miles runs 13x, xxx never hit ** excellent condition for sale.
Secondhand NISSAN TIIDA (2010)


299,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 100,001 KM
Sell ​​Nissan Tiida 5 door 1.8 desktop ( the 5- year registration of Jan 2010) Black, Gear Auto, the center five years (with a bill to see ), Air Auto ( climate. the agreement, registration number ), Audio Pioneer change to new DVD players have the touch screen, Yokohama tires just change for Sale Nissan Tiida 5 door 1.8 desktop ( the 5- year registration. Jan 2010) Black, Gear Auto, the center five years (with a bill to see ), Air Auto ( climate agreement, note the number ), Audio Pioneer switching to a new screen. DVD player with touch screen, Yokohama tires recently changed, turn signal mirror, a security layer 1 (never claim ), sensors, key intelligence key ( keys ) good condition interested. for more information on LINE ID: taonline or call 090-973-9557 0909739557.
Secondhand TOYOTA COROLLA (2010)


448,000 THB

  • Used Car
TOYOTO COROLLA ALTIS 1.8 E DUAL VVTI TOYOTO COROLLA ALTIS 1.8 E DUAL VVTI gold price 7114 2010 registered 448,000 out of the car home in one hand and available to be viewed pretty 0816324322.
Secondhand NISSAN SUNNY (2004)


177,000 THB

  • Used Car
04 NISSAN SUNNY 1.8 SUPER NEO -handed version of the top- end leather upholstery, electric cars do not crash very clean, there is no lack of people ready to buy a car, I would like to sell Top Model 's brakes abs /. airbag down gear to lower the ride smooth color original purchase to use it like this model 's frustrating and a waste of time to see the car at home, try driving on sale 189000 details call my car very good condition. People have sold 189000 Tel 0863058417 meeting Point Bangkok, Bang Saphan Mai Friendship Village Road 52 0863058417.
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