Ducati Monster 821 2015

Ducati Monster 821 2015

Will the 2015 Ducati 821 live up to the “Monster” nickname it used to have?

You would have an almost impossible time finding any motorcycle rider that hasn’t fantasized about owning a Ducati Monster 821 – one of the most impressive, powerful, and perfectly balanced “naked” motorcycles on the planet.

Unfortunately, until just recently, the Ducati Monster 821 wasn’t exactly living up to the “Monster” moniker it earned when it first hit the market decades ago – but that’s all changing with the latest 2015 version.

Initial Impression

The engineers behind the overhaul and redesign of the Ducati Monster 821 definitely got it right this time around.

Stripping off and it’s streamlining a lot of the heaviness that made this bike one of the slower Ducati options in the stable of motorcycles this legendary manufacturer produced in the last few years, this is a lightweight bike built on the back of an incredibly powerful engine that is going to fly down the road.


The new Ducati Monster 821 has been fully outfitted with an 821cc Testastretta 11° engine that makes this bike one of the fastest and most powerful on the road today. It produces 75 HP in “urban mode”, but a lot more than that when it is unleashed when put into “touring” or “sport” mode.

This motorcycle is also incredibly efficient, thanks to the overhauled liquid cooled DOHC engine that represents another major leap forward from Ducati. Weighing just 453 pounds (with a full tank of gas), this bike can really move!

Style and Design

Every single Ducati bike is a work of modern art and always has been, but they are “naked” bike lineup – of which the new Ducati Monster 821 is definitely a member – are some of the most attractive.

Almost everything not absolutely necessary to the function of this amazing motorcycle has been stripped away, resulting in a piece of machinery that is very industrial looking – but also very aggressive.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been searching for a bike that is going to turn heads all the time, as well as a bike that offers the perfect blend of power and performance most people are looking for with ridiculously high efficiency, you’ll want to get your hands on this Ducati Monster 821.

There’s just something about the way this Ducati sits that going to draw people in even when it isn’t moving.

Posted: 13 Auust 2015