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Buying Used Motorbikes In Korat

Buying Used Motorbikes In Korat

Korat, also known as Nakhon Ratchasima, is one of the four major cities that make up the province of Isan. Located on the western edge of the Korat Plateau and the closest of the cities to Bangkok, Korat is often one of the first stops for those traveling and seeing the sights to the east and north. The city itself has a lot to offer, the surrounding lands offer breathtaking natural beauty that is best experienced at your own pace. Making this possible are the used motorbikes that tourists and locals can purchase.

If you are interested in second hand motorbikes, Korat is the city for you. An excellent place to begin an adventure, purchasing a used motorbike can provide you with the ride you need to explore the amazing countryside. Considered by many an unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience, most people are only held up by the challenges of finding a decent ride. With that in mind, let’s spend a moment to review what you should consider when inspecting a potential used motorbike for purchase.

Finding Used Motorbikes Korat

Finding used motorbikes in the city is easy enough. You will see a signs of people looking to sell as well as advertisements taken out and fliers posted.

What Should I Consider Before I Arrive At An Inspection

If you have a friend familiar with motorbikes, then bring them. Also, make sure you bring a flashlight. Any research you can do ahead on the bike in question will give you leverage when it comes to bartering with the current owner.

What Should I Look For When Inspecting A Used Motorbike?

Just like in any other part of the world, used motorbikes in Korat will come in a variety of conditions with honorable and less than honorable potential sellers. When examining one of these bikes for inspection, you will want to examine the bike in its entirety, as well as the individual components of the bike.

When examining the bike as a whole, start by checking to make sure that it is properly aligned. Bends can occur if the bike was involved in crash. In addition, you can check to see if the vehicle was in a crash by looking for a series of scratches made to different parts of the bike with the same level of impact. Be aware that used motorbikes involved in accidents may not hold up as well as bikes that are still intact. Along with an examination of the entire bike, you will want to give the bike a quick spin to see how it feels and handles.

While an examination of the entire bike can reveal many things about its condition, you will also want to check certain parts of the bike individually. Regardless of the part, you will want to look for signs of ware and tare. For example, check for rotting with the tires, a breakdown in the interior lining of the gas tank, and ware and tare on nuts and bolts. Review the make and model of the bike before you go to get a better sense of what falls apart first after some use.

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