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New Nissan Juke

The sport crossover world has been dominated by the vehicles that aren't all that attractive, aren't all that potent or powerful, and don't really have the kind of allure or "WOW! factor" that people were looking for. And then the new Nissan Juke exploded onto the scene and changed absolutely everything.

Thailand Motor Show 2014

There is just something special about the Thailand Motor Show that is held each and every single year to really set the tone of what the automotive industry hopes to accomplish in the following year – the kind of industry event and that is jampacked with automotive insiders, news media professionals, and automobile lovers from all across the globe

Mazda CX-5

Sport crossover vehicles are becoming more and more popular today, for a variety of different reasons. Not quite a full-blown SUV (or even a compact SUV), but definitely more than an oversized sports sedan, sport crossover vehicles are becoming the “go to” solution for those looking for a perfect blend of power, performance, and payload.

All-New Honda City 2014

When it comes to automobiles, Honda is probably one of the most world-renowned names producing some of the very best cars, trucks, and motorized piece of equipment we’ve ever seen – and the all new Honda City 2014 is certainly not going to do anything to sully that reputation.

Mercedes Sales Increase Drives Loans

Mercedes-Benz Leasing in Thailand will expect the overall amount of all homes that are currently outstanding will reach 20 billion baht towards the end of the year, which will actually be a increase of over 53% from where it was back in 2012 thanks to a major sales increase.

First Vehicle Exports Bound for the US Highlight Thailand Growth

At first sight, then new factory for Mitsubishi motors may seem to be a little rough when it comes to the edges. However, experts have been able to show that this particular factory is currently doing something that no other factory has ever done before.

Detailed Overview of the 2014 Land Rover Range Rover

One of the most prestigious luxury sport utility vehicles that Land Rover has been able to develop over the years has to be the Range Rover. It has been able to establish an extensive history and solid track record of superior craftsmanship.

Average Prices for Used Cars Continue to Drop This Year, Reaching a 30

It is true that the first-time car buying scheme that was implemented and enforced by the government came to an abrupt end close to a year ago now. However, used car prices in Thailand continue to drop – damaging the market of brand new cars that are currently available, according to Japanese-Thai firm Apple Auto Auction in Thailand. This actual company is widely known as being a used-car auction arm of the MBK, a 50/50 venture that was conducted along with car auction specialist, Apple International Japan.

Overview of the 30th Thailand International Motor Expo

Inter-Media Consultant Co. President, Kwanchai Paphatphong, stated that the number of people that visited the 30th Thailand International Motor Expo was a little more than 14 percent lower than the number of people that were attracted to the same event back at the 29th Thailand International Motor Expo

A Tale of Two Luxury Hybrids: Mercedes Benz E300 & Lexus ES300h

Due to the increasing popularity of hybrid models around the world, more and more people seem to drifting towards these vehicles in order to take full advantage of their low emissions and superior fuel economy.

The Bangkok crystal ball - Four things we see happening in the used car market in 2014

As we near the end of 2013, the news has been far from sunshine and roses for the used car market. With the introduction of new government policy, used car sales are continuing to tumble. The government’s rebate program has resulted in many first-time buyers looking to new, eco and economy-friendly models in the last few months...

Four things to look out for in the Thai used car market in 2014

The New Year is approaching ever nearer, and the signs are everywhere. Family members and co-workers might be looking to book vacation deals or purchase some fine lobsters and champagne to mark the occasion, while in the marketplace CEOs and small business owners alike are already looking ahead to the next quarter and beyond as they begin to strategize for 2014.