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Car news from around Thailand

Mercedes Benz CLS 2015

The Mercedes Benz CLS 2015 Facelift Makes a Great Car Even Better. The Mercedes Benz CLS line was launched in 2004, but it’s gotten a facelift for the new model year. In 2012, Mercedes added a station wagon to the model lineup they call the Shooting Brake, and is seems to have energized the whole line. The Shooting Brake isn’t available in the United States, so the entire CLS line is somewhat overlooked stateside, but the rest of the world is captivated by the idea of a super high-end station wagon.

Lexus NX300h

The Lexus NX300h Premium Urban Sports Sedan. Lexus is fighting hard for a place in the luxury compact SUV market, and the Lexus NX300h is sure to help them hold their own against BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and the other Asian carmakers. On the exterior, it has the same high roofline and short body style that seems to sit on tiptoe over a crowded wheelbase that’s common to the genre.

Hyundai Elantra 2015

The Hyundai Elantra 2015 - Great Looks, Amazing Performance. Hyundai has instituted what they call a fluidic sculpture design approach to their entire line of vehicles, and it really shows on the Elantra. The car doesn’t seem to be made out of a series of assembled panels. It looks like it was sculpted from one solid piece, and the seams to allow the cars to be assembled were added later.

Honda Mobilio

The Honda Mobilio - A Seven-Seater With Plenty of Style. The new 2014 Honda Mobilio debuted in Thailand recently, and it’s creating more buzz in the Multi-Use Vehicle market than any car in recent memory. The Mobilio is based on a lengthened version of the Brio chassis, so even though it’s brand new, consumers will find the styling elements familiar and have a track record of performance and quality to go by.


The BMW X4 Offer Amazing Performance In a Sedate Package. There’s nothing currently on the market quite like the BMW X4. Then again, it doesn’t really look like a traditional BMW, either. It’s billed as a hybrid SUV, but the tag doesn’t really fit. It’s not a traditional sedan, but the manner in which BMW has integrated the hatchback into a very conventional rear end is quite innovative.

Nissan Navara NP300

The Nissan Navara NP300 is a midsized truck and one of the most capable vehicle platforms out there on the market today. Nissan pickup trucks have always been regarded as some of the better options out on the road as far as power, performance, and fuel efficiency were concerned – but the Nissan Navara NP300 has taken those key features to entirely new levels in its 3rd generation.

Suzuki Celerio

While Suzuki may not be quite as internationally recognized or as revered as some other Japanese car makes like Honda and Toyota, many of the same engineers, designers, and automobile experts that work at Suzuki have spent time working for Honda and Toyota – and they were definitely paying attention.

Ford EcoSport

Ford didn’t become one of the world’s largest Car manufacturers by sitting on their past successes. Instead, they continue to innovate and push automobiles further and further into the future more so than just about any other manufacturer out there – and this drive to be the best is definitely on full display when you get a look at the new Ford EcoSport.

Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda (ever since it first opened its doors for business) has always been about creating and innovating major leaps forward in the automobile industry. With the new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, they take that singular focus to entirely new levels. We’re talking about a brand-new sedan that is capable of more than 80 Kilometers per gallon with a dual engine system.

The MG 6

MG used to be one of the most significant and revered UK automobile manufacturers. Then Chinese ownership took over the company, fooled around with practically everything about those vehicles, and sales declined significantly. However, with the brand-new MG 6, the Shanghai-based automobile manufacturer is back with a vengeance – putting forth their best effort in the form of this brand new hatchback.

Nissan Murano 2015

The redesign of the 2015 Murano is mostly interior changes. The exterior’s striking looks are tweaked, but not a lot of big changes are seen. The nighttime looks are noticeably different due to LED headlights available as an upgrade. The Murano’s swooping fenders and horizontal styling emphasis in the latest model draws the eye away from the tall body design that all SUVs of this type require.

Nissan Livina

The Nissan Livina, in production since 2007, is newly updated with over four-dozen improvements to keep its appeal to the driving public in the market for a sporty multi-purpose vehicle and reliable city driver. On the outside, the Livina has a new chrome grill with an upswept vee shape, and integrated triangular headlamps which give it a dynamic look.