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Car news from around Thailand

All new ISUZU D-MAX BluePower 2016

Ever since early 2002, ISUZU has been responsible for manufacturing one of the most exciting lines of pickup trucks ever released to the general public. It’s D Max line of pickup trucks have always been capable, have featured impressive numbers as far as fuel-efficient see, towing capacity, and durability are concerned, and they always made sure to push the envelope at least a little bit from the design standpoint.

MG5 2016

In early 2011, MG unveiled a major concept car that they had been working on for about five years – the MG5. This vehicle premiered at the Shanghai Auto Show and absolutely stole all of the attention the moment that it was unveiled, and it’s easy to see why. This concept car looked clean, aggressively styled, and had all kinds of beautiful appointments throughout.

All new MINI Clubman 2016

Ever since the very first MINI Cooper hit the scene almost 50 years ago, this car company has been all about designing innovative new vehicles that push the boundaries of traditional design and performance to produce iconic means of transportation that are almost instantly collectible. The same can be said about the All new MINI Clubman 2016, that’s for sure.

All-New Mazda CX-3 2016

If you’ve been searching high and low for a brand-new crossover SUV, something relatively compact but still offering the kind of performance you’d expect from a traditional SUV, you’re going to want to take a much closer look at the all new Mazda CX-3 four 2016. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the engineers at must have overhauled the traditional crossover and given it much more aggressive styling, significantly upgraded power, and more luxury features than you’ll know what to do with!

Thailand 32nd Motor Expo 2015

The 32nd annual Motor Expo in Thailand was held between December 1, 2015 and December 13, 2015, and open to members of the automotive community, the automotive industry, as well as the general public. One of the most important international automobile expositions in the world, and certainly one of the most important automobile expositions for automobile manufacturers in Asia (some of the biggest auto companies on the planet)

Volkswagen Tiguan 2016

Even though there are some serious reservations about the wagon and their future moving forward in the wake of one of the largest automotive fraud situations in history, this German automaker continues to produce top-notch vehicles. That much is evident in the brand-new Volkswagen Tiguan SUV.

Nissan Altima 2016

It’s been a while since Nissan has gone back to the drawing board to address what just may be their most popular model on the road today, the Altima. What many consider to be the very best midsize sedan on the planet today, there’s a reason why the engineers and designers at Nissan weren’t all that excited about overhauling the latest generation Altima.

Bentley Bentayga 2016

Bentley vehicles have always been some of the most in demand vehicles on the planet, and a true symbol of real wealth, luxury, and (somewhat argue) opulence. But regardless of how some people feel about the fact that there are automobiles on the market today that cost more brand-new than some houses, you’d have a difficult time finding anyone that would love to have a Bentley parked in their garage!

Toyota Prius 2016

When the very first Toyota Prius rolled off of the assembly line what seems like forever ago, it completely turned the automotive world on its head. This was one of the very first hybrids that ever got everything right, providing eco-conscious drivers a vehicle that they weren’t going to feel saddled with. This was in eco-friendly vehicle that had more than enough speed at the top end and an incredible amount of range to boot, all packaged with industry-leading (at the time) fuel economy.

Honda Civic 2016

Everything about this vehicle is aggressive, and though it has beautiful clean lines and a minimalist approach to the exterior, you aren’t going to mistake this new Civic for anything else out on the open road. On top of that, it’s capable of some pretty impressive specifications – not only in the fuel efficiency are enough, but also when it comes to raw power.

BMW 218i Gran Tourer

The newest front-wheel-drive BMW to be built upon the back of the revolutionary UKL architecture, the BMW 218i Gran Tourer has exceeded expectations across the board and is poised to become one of the bestselling luxury vehicles in the UK (and other select markets) in the coming year. Compact yet present, powerful but economical, and designed with comfort in mind without sacrificing performance or safety, this is the compact BMW that people have been waiting for for years and years now.

All new Toyota Fortuner 2016

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’ll enjoy learning about one exciting option. The Toyota Fortuner 2015-2016 is a sport utility vehicle with a bold and strong design. This stylish and functional SUV comes with plenty of “bells and whistles”, including a big cabin which features a roomy refrigerator which is perfect for onboard drinks and snacks. In addition, it’s motor and systems are cutting-edge and ultra-modern.