New Nissan Teana

New Nissan Teana

Nissan continues to push the envelope as far as combining luxury features with truth sports car performance, and the all-new Nissan Teana is a perfect representation of that mindset and philosophy.

A picture-perfect midsize sedan that doesn’t feel too long, too unwieldy, or to cramped or over comfortable, the new Teana is a vehicle that you are going to fall in love with the moment that you see it on the lot – and are going to fall in love with the even more each and every single time you slide behind the wheel!

One of the most impressive midsize sedans available on the market today (and certainly one of the most refined a product class that has become more and more ignored), we are not saying that the Nissan Teana is absolutely the best thing on the road today – but it’s pretty close.

Let’s dive into the overall review of this entry-level luxury sports sedan!

Overall Impression

Don’t be surprised if your first impression of the new Teana is just how consistent Nissan seems to be with fit, finish, and design (both the exterior and interior of the vehicle) across all of their product lines.

Older versions of the Teana certainly wouldn’t be accused of being the most attractive vehicles on the road, but you would not have a difficult time making that type of argument with the new Teana. This is a vehicle that has been almost redesigned from the ground up as far as style is concerned, with a much more modern approach and aesthetic that people are resonating with today.

This doesn’t mean that Nissan has completely and totally abandoned some of its more “traditional” aesthetics – just that they have blended them with a new approach to the vehicle design that is striking the moment that you set eyes on it.

As far as quality is concerned, everything is exactly as you would expect with an entry-level luxury vehicle. Not exactly the highest end construction material throughout, but definitely a significant upgrade from your “entry point or budget based” sedan or sports vehicle.

Drive Style

When it comes to the driving style of the Nissan Teana, you are going to immediately recognize just how much attention to detail the engineers had when it came to command and performance.

This is a vehicle that accelerates very well for something of its size, and also steers and handles perfectly in ways that other entry-level luxury sports sedans can’t even imagine. Tightly integrated into the driving experience are a number of high tech solutions and control features that you will appreciate.

Special Features

All of the integrated technology would have to be the real “runaway” special features that you are going to notice when you slide into the cabin of the new Teana, and why wouldn’t you?

This includes integrated GPS, satellite radio, xenon lights, a dedicated music and media system, and a whole host of other luxury features that you won’t find anywhere else at this price point. This is everything you’ve been looking for, and so much more!

Technical Specs

  • Four-cylinder engine promises 11 km per liter fuel efficiency
  • Integrated power plant provides 136 BHP and 190 Nm resulting in a top speed of 190 km/h
  • 70 L fuel tank capacity guarantees that you will be able to drive just about anywhere you want without having to fill up all that often
  • Independent front suspension and independent multi-link suspension provide for a smooth, safe, enjoyable ride

Final Verdict

It feels like the Nissan Teana has knocked it out of the park for you, that’s probably because it has. This is a world-class entry-level luxury sports sedan, and the kind of vehicle that you are going to love owning excavation point

Posted: 17 April 2014

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