New Honda Civic 2014

New Honda Civic 2014

It’s almost impossible to consider that the Honda Civic is 42 years old in 2014, especially since it has been and overwhelmingly popular automobile almost since the very first one rolled off of the production floor.

Honda has continued to innovate and push their automobiles as far forward into the future as possible each and every single year, and the Honda Civic 2014 is no different. Though some of the changes are more evolutionary than revolutionary, this still represents one of the best automobile investments money can buy today – and will likely help to cement Honda’s already legendary position at the top of the automobile manufacturing industry!

Evolutionary exterior and interior, revolutionary performance

There aren’t too terribly many changes to the exterior or interior of the Civic 2014 model when stacked up against the Civic of 2011, 2012, or even 2013 – but the real changes come underneath the hood and in all of the technology that the new Civic leverages for everyday operations.

We are talking about aluminum components all over the vehicle that shave ridiculous amounts of weight to give you a serious boost as far as fuel efficiency is concerned, and that’s before we even begin to talk about the new aluminum alloy in-line four-cylinder engines that are standard across the board.

The suspension has been absolutely overhauled so that steering and handling is much more responsive and smooth regardless of the road surface or conditions that you’re traveling on, and there have been a handful of upgrades to the “creature comforts” you’ll find in the interior of this automobile. GPS, Bluetooth, satellite radio, any premium sound system are all of available options if you step up from the LX model of the new Honda Civic 2014 model – and the secondary market for these vehicles is projected to hold at least as well as every other Honda Civic and that’s ever going to a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) owner!

The gold standard as far as compact sedans and coupes are considered

When people think of compact sedans and coupes, they think of the Honda Civic for a number of different reasons. This has almost become the ubiquitous option when people are looking for just the right amount of power, performance, and price – giving you a lot of confidence in your vehicle that you may not have with other manufacturers.

The Civic 2014 model really cements those kinds of feelings with its newer upgraded components, and it’s not going to take long behind the wheel until you find yourself falling in love with this car all over again!

Important Specifications:

  • 4 cylinder engine with 1798cc of displacement (143hp)
  • 5 speed manual transmission, 6 speed manual transmission, and 6 speed automatic transmission available
  • 28mpg city, 38mpg highway (31mpg combined)
  • 13.2 gallons of fuel capacity
  • ABS/EBS, brake assist, active tire pressure monitoring, and vehicle stability standard on all models

It’s almost impossible to find a better value than the Honda Civic 2014 model

At this price point (and with all of these features), you’re just not going to find any other automobile on the planet that can quite compete with the Honda Civic 2014. This is as close to picture-perfect as this kind of automobile is going to get, representing a fantastic investment in the moment that you decide to pull the trigger on your new Honda Civic!

Posted: 05 June 2014

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