MG5 2016

MG5 2016

MG5 2016

In early 2011, MG unveiled a major concept car that they had been working on for about five years – the MG5.

This vehicle premiered at the Shanghai Auto Show and absolutely stole all of the attention the moment that it was unveiled, and it’s easy to see why. This concept car looked clean, aggressively styled, and had all kinds of beautiful appointments throughout. The automobile industry was put on alert – MG was back in a big way if this was the direction that they were going to go in.

Even though it’s taken five years for that concept car to receive the kind of polish it needed for mass production, the MG5 2016 is in and it is a jaw dropper!


Absolutely everything about this vehicle from an interior and exterior design standpoint has been carefully engineered to not only look modern, clean, and attractive, but also to support all of the underlying engineering that allows this game changing speedy coupe or sedan to achieve the kind of performance it’s able to.

MG5 2016

The exterior is flashy without being over the top, the interior is well-organized and easily accessible, and passengers are going to absolutely fall in love with everything that these seats have to offer. LED lights, high-tech sound equipment, and a built-in dashboard computer around out the amazing design features that this MG5 2016 brings to the table.

MG5 2016


From a performance standpoint, the in-line four-cylinder engine is capable of producing 108 base horsepower and reaching a top speed of 145 miles an hour in right around 11 seconds.

On top of that, it’s matched to a four speed automatic transmission (a manual transmission option is unavailable right now), which intelligently allows this vehicle to get just about 51 miles per gallon with no trouble whatsoever.

Its cabin space is considerable, the space in the trunk is almost unbelievable, and the overall performance that you’re going to be able to expect out of this car is second to none.

MG5 2016

Final verdict

If you’ve been looking for a corporate style sedan or coupe that is smartly designed and offers just the right amount of power with incredible fuel efficiency, the MG5 2016 is the car for you!

Posted: 04 March 2016

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