MG ZS 2020 Minor Change

MG ZS 2020 Minor Change

The MG ZS first debuted in 2017, totally changing the role of the MG ZS. With an attractive price and option equipment that is way ahead of the competition. These vehicles are at the top level of the B-Segment SUV. It measures 1,653 mm in height x 4,323 mm in length x 1,890 mm. The rear luggage storage, when folded, is 1,187 liters and a fuel tank capacity of 45 liters.  

MG ZS Minor Change 2020


It has a 4-cylinder DOHC 1.5 liter engine. Paired with a CVT automatic front-wheel drive or 5-speed manual transmission it has a maximum 120 horsepower.


This has a 3-cylinder with a 1.3-liter turbocharged engine. Combine it with front-wheel drive and 6-speed automatic transmission it has 163 PS maximum power.


  •  Hexagonal radiator grille that looks more aggressive and angular with the LED daytime running lights and sleeker headlamps.
  • Bumper corners are slightly rounded more.
  • Front fog lamps are below the black fins while the rear ones are above the fins.
  • Inside there is a larger infotainment screen that offers more connectivity options.
  • More highlights on the steering wheel, center console, and doors to bring more contrast to the interior.
  • The gear selector is incorporated with an embossed MG logo.
  • The mechanical parking brake is now an electronic one

MG ZS Minor Change 2020

The MG ZS 2020 can be considered a family-size SUV. The vehicle has more precise steering but you can change the weight of the steering to suit your tastes. For most, the Normal mode works well for most types of driving. It gets between 38.6 and 41.5 mpg. They have also upgraded their safety equipment in the new MG ZS 2020 with blind-spot monitoring, auto emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. The interior now has faux-leather trimmings and the center has more storage.

The MG ZS 2020 is a subcompact crossover that comes with an affordable price tag and is ideal for a family. The rear seats fold down if you need to haul anything. It will also allow the driver to maximize the most out of their fuel, with 16.7 liters on the highway and 11.8 liters in the city. It also comes with voice-activated commands and Apple CarPlay.  

MG ZS Minor Change 2020

Although there are many great features to the MG ZS 2020 Minor Change there are some things that drivers might not like. The main one is the handling characteristics. There is a chance of a body roll when you corner at certain speeds so this might be uncomfortable for the passengers and driver. It could even hurt the ride handling. The other thing that some may not like is the cargo loading and unloading could be a bit challenging because of the high loading lip.

Although there are some dislikes with the MG ZS 2020 Minor Change but when it was designed and built, it was made to be reasonably affordable to people with families that needed a roomy vehicle. Overall, it is a great vehicle for the price.

Posted: 07 April 2020