Mercedes Sales Increase Drives Loans

Mercedes Sales Increase Drives Loans

Mercedes-Benz Leasing in Thailand will expect the overall amount of all homes that are currently outstanding will reach 20 billion baht towards the end of the year, which will actually be a increase of over 53% from where it was back in 2012 thanks to a major sales increase. Mercedes-Benz in Thailand actually sold over 5,500 cars within just the first eight months. That was actually an increase of over 40% from where it was in the prior year. Mercedes-Benz officially reported that the sales though there were generated in 2012 reached 6,274 cars.

It is evidently clear that the overall loans that have been processed during this extended period of time played a significant role in the increase of sales that were generated from underneath the Mercedes-Benz umbrella. Throughout Thailand, several car dealerships (including Thailand Motors) were able to experience an increase in the sales of this particular brand for that very same reason.

Based on the figures that were generated back in 2011, this means that they generated an increase of over 30%. Studies have confirmed that the sales of all luxury cars remained active throughout the year, which is not like the mass market that truly did experience a page from me and that of the first time car buying scheme that was enforced by the local government. Mercedes-Benz customers were primarily from the upper class segment and had a history of strong purchasing power that was present with all high quality products.

However, it has now been discovered that the overall leasing unit has made plans to make sure that they can't explain them new automobile loans that are worth about 10 billion baht within this year alone. It truly will be interesting to see how the industry performs in the year to come. Keep in mind that during the first nine months, it was actually able to explain over 7 billion baht worth of confirmed hire purchase.

Even though these numbers may seem to be astounding and unrealistic, they have been confirmed by official reports and clearly show that there was an increase of over 70% from the previous year. Speculation and projection reports believe that they will have an even bigger year in 2013, but that could very well be a long shot since the first time car buying scheme that was mandated by the government in 2012 is no longer active.

On a brighter note, it is still good to know that there is still a wide variety of new and used car dealerships throughout Thailand, including Thailand motors, that strives to make sure their customers are receiving the most competitive deals available today. Going into the next year, a still unclear as to where the market will shift especially when it comes to luxury cars. However, customers know that they can still trust and employ (that are sold by six dealerships as Thailand motors in order to provide the long term quality and efficiency that they need to have on the road.

Posted: 28 February 2014