Mazda CX-5

Mazda CX-5

Sport crossover vehicles are becoming more and more popular today, for a variety of different reasons.

Not quite a full-blown SUV (or even a compact SUV), but definitely more than an oversized sports sedan, sport crossover vehicles are becoming the “go to” solution for those looking for a perfect blend of power, performance, and payload.

And while there are a number of different sport crossover vehicles available today, one of the best of the best would have to be the Mazda CX-5.

For decades now, Mazda has been producing some of the very best (and truly innovative) vehicles all over the globe – and the brand-new CX-5 is just another step in the same direction. This sport crossover vehicle has absolutely everything that you’re looking for (and a number of surprises that you will appreciate), making it one of the most exciting purchases of 2014.

This mini SUV CX-5 just might change your entire perception about the vehicle that you want to be driving around during 2014 and beyond expiration point

Overall Impression

The first impression that you’re going to get about this sport crossover vehicle is just how aggressively styled it is, without ever losing its “Mazda refinement”.

For years now, Mazda designers and engineers have been trying to strike a perfect blend between aggressive styling and luxury refinement – and they are probably the only people that have been able to do so with any real consistency that has received unanimous praise.

The new Mazda CX-5 definitely brings all of those design elements to the forefront, without ever making you feel like this is a vehicle that isn’t quite sure of its identity. Yes, it is a little bit “sedan looking” from the front, make no mistake this is a SUV CX-5 through and through.

Drive Style

Though there are certainly more powerful sport crossover vehicles available on the market right now, there are very few out there that have the same kind of responsive driving style that this specific set up and solution enjoys.

Matched to automatic transmissions that are absolutely the pinnacle of automatic transmissions today, you’re never going to feel that “delay” in command that so many other sport crossover vehicles bring to the table. Every touch of the gas pedal (or the brake pedal) is going to have an immediate response, and you’re never going to feel like you aren’t in complete and total control of the Mazda CX-5.

Special Features

There aren’t too terribly many special features to speak of when we’re talking about the 2014 CX-5, but that’s not because they are ignored or missing – they are just so seamlessly integrated into the overall experience that you are never really taken aback by some sort of standout feature.

Everything is exactly as it should be, which makes the entire driving and ownership experience something that has to be enjoyed firsthand to fully appreciate. That’s the real special feature in and of itself.

Technical Specs

  • Thanks to a reengineered SKYACTIV-G 2.0 DOHC four-cylinder engine, you’ll see 155 hp and 150 pounds of torque that provide you with the speed and fuel efficiency you’re looking for
  • Combine that with a six speed sport automatic transmission that handles all of the shifting for you, and you will be amazed at the performance and responsiveness of the system
  • With 65.4 ft.³ of cargo space and still enough seating for five people to sit comfortably, this is a crossover SUV that is much more spacious inside than it seems on the surface
  • Integrated Bluetooth technology, GPS navigation, and USB connectivity come standard on these vehicles
  • Front airbags, side-impact airbags, and side impact air curtains provide you with the all-encompassing safety features you’re looking for – as well as integrated communications capabilities to contact emergency services when needed

Final Verdict

If you have absolutely no need for a full-blown SUV and no desire for a sedan, you are going to find everything you’ve ever wanted – and more – in the brand-new Mazda CX-5.

Posted: 24 March 2014