Jaguar XF and XJ 2016

Jaguar XF and XJ 2016

There are many car models from a number of different manufacturers, and we are sure that we have one that you are looking for. Jaguars are also one of the high-end brands that we have. And here, let us introduce you to the new Jaguars of 2016. The Jaguar XF and the Jaguar XJ that have both been released in 2016 really live up to the name and stature of Jaguar.

They are luxury sedan vehicles that will not disappoint any of its drivers or passengers, and will instead serve to be the best car for people who love flawless rides, as they aim to achieve perfection in design, performance, power and safety. Born and made in the United Kingdom, it is undeniable that the sophisticated and prestigious culture of the British have been transferred and reflected onto these two Jaguars.

Let’s talk about the similarities first. Both Jaguar XF and Jaguar XJ are equipped with a 3.0 litre V6 Supercharged standard level engine. This lets the Jaguars move with 340 hp @6500 rpm, with 332 ft-lbs of torque @ 3500 rpm. They are also both driven with a stable yet smooth eight-speed paddle-shifted automatic transmission. A 4WD, or an all-wheel drive system, is also given as an option. Other features to support drivers and passengers with safety and comfort include what they call an All Surface Progress Control which is a cruise control, blind spot monitors, lane keep assist that gives warnings for lane departures, autonomous emergency braking, traffic sign recognition,and also cameras around the car as a parking aid. Both models of the Jaguar is also installed with the Jaguar InControl, which is the infotainment system that supports smartphone connection through the Bluetooth.

The main differences between Jaguar XF and Jaguar XJ lies in the functionality of the cars that can provide drivers and passengers with different feels and purposes. What that means is that, as a mid-size luxury sedan, the Jaguar XF focuses more on the experience of the driver, so it is more suited for youthful and modern people who thrive for fun in driving sport cars. On the other hand, as a full-size luxury sedan, the Jaguar XJ is the car that has put more emphasis on the passengers’ experiences in riding the car. Therefore, there is a distinct difference in the cabin room.

The Jaguar XF has more cargo space, since the cargo space in Jaguar XJ has been cut down to provide passengers with a more spacious cabin room. Lastly, there is also a vast price difference, with the Jaguar XF starting price being 1.8 million Thai Baht, and the Jaguar XJ being 2.5 million Thai Baht. Between these two models, it is obvious that at the end it comes down to what you are looking for and also your personal preference.

Posted: 15 October 2016

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