Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda Accord Hybrid

Honda (ever since it first opened its doors for business) has always been about creating and innovating major leaps forward in the automobile industry. With the new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, they take that singular focus to entirely new levels.

We’re talking about a brand-new sedan that is capable of more than 80 Kilometers per gallon with a dual engine system (half gasoline and half electric). Thanks to the unique hybrid technology in the new Accord, drivers everywhere are going to be able to enjoy legendary Honda engineering, styling, and ride comfort with amazing power, performance, and fuel efficiency.

Technical specifications

Skipping a generation, the new 2014 On the Accord Hybrid has been basically redesigned in re-engineered from the ground up. Instead of taking advantage of a dual system hybrid engine that could only get about 50 kilometers to the gallon (in the 2005), today’s breakthrough hybrid engine is capable of over 80Km per gallon.

This is thanks to the 2.0 L/electronic motor system, a dual engine system that Honda has pioneered. The hybrid engine will be able to seamlessly transition between the two based off of a number of real-time pieces of data and criteria, maximizing your fuel efficiency while giving you access to the power you need when you need it.

  • Body style - Four-door sedan
  • Engine type - 2.0 L in-line four cylinder/electronic engine
  • Horsepower - 195 horsepower
  • Trim levels - Base, EX-L, Touring
  • Transmission - Standard or automatic

Interior and exterior styling

It’s impossible to describe the new Honda Accord Hybrid sedan as anything other than futuristic.

With aggressive new styling both inside and out of the vehicle, Honda engineers have definitely tried to envision the vehicle of the future and given it to the masses today. Unlike most other hybrids (that take completely different approach to their exterior styling), the Honda Accord hybrid is going to “blend into the crowd” a little bit – something that consumers have been hoping for.

The interior is well appointed with all of the modern amenities than one would expect, including Bluetooth connectivity, a dedicated navigation system, full safety and multiple airbag installations, and a review backup camera.

An alarm system also comes standard.

Drive performance and ride

As far as drive performance and riding conditions are concerned, the Honda Accord Hybrid handles exactly like you would expect from a traditional Honda Accord. Overall performance is responsive if not razor-sharp, and while you certainly won’t feel like you are behind the wheel of a fancy Italian sports car you’re not going to feel like you are piloting a bus, either.

Acceleration is quick and progressive, and the seamless transition from the electronic motor to the gasoline powered motor happens instantaneously. You’ll never notice if one or the other is driving the vehicle, except by paying attention to the exhaust!

Final Verdict

What is there left to say about a vehicle like this?

We’re talking about a Honda here. Pioneers in the automobile industry ever since they first rolled out a vehicle more than 50 years ago, the Honda Accord Hybrid is the culmination of picture-perfect designing and engineering and a vehicle that you are going to fall in love with.

Posted: 25 Auust 2014

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