First Vehicle Exports Bound for the US Highlight Thailand Growth

First Vehicle Exports Bound for the US Highlight Thailand Growth
At first sight, then new factory for Mitsubishi motors may seem to be a little rough when it comes to the edges. However, experts have been able to show that this particular factory is currently doing something that no other factory has ever done before. In recent months, this factory is actually began six export vehicles directly from the South Eastern region of Asia towards the US market. This was an impressive move that has still shocked many customers and critics alike, but it truly does show signs of potential growth on the market in the future as well.

While it is true that it might be followed by other rivals within the same industry especially since other automobile makers have boosted their own production capacity throughout Thailand, it is still very impressive to consider in general.

This is especially case we take into consideration just how far the Thailand auto market has come. Customers of Thailand motors know firsthand when they look at the quality service and efficient models that this particular dealership has been able to provide over the years. Projected reports show that it is only going to get better in the years to come, especially with all the new auto imports that are being directed towards this country from the US market.

Osamu, Masuko, president of Mitsubishi, as stated in recent interviews that he is desperate to reduce costs as much as possible as he focuses on boosting the beleaguered sales in the US. It is evidently clear that he is betting on the fact that American customers will more than likely enjoy their very first taste of Thailand made automobiles.

It is true that the very first shipment of Mitsubishi Mirage subcompact hatchback models amounted to a little more than 1000 and those models that sale from a port that is located just south of Bangkok on August 27. These popular 1.2 L models that are small yet efficient in size, style, and design, and a wide variety of colors including key lime green and powder puff magenta. Each of these great colors and many more recently hit the showroom floors throughout the United States. Based on projected reports that have been filed by Mitsubishi, the estimate is about a little more than 7000 US sales that will be generated for the Mitsubishi Mirage model.

However it is absolutely clear that competitors are going to continue watching to see just how this affordable hatchback model blossoms with the Thailand market. Customers and fans of Thailand motors and other car dealerships throughout the country will also get a chance to witness firsthand just how successful this model does when it is made available to them. Over the next few years, it will not be surprising to see whether or not other major brands, such as Ford, Toyota, and Nissan will try to join in the rat race to see if they can dominate the industry as much of Mitsubishi has done in these past recent months.

Posted: 21 February 2014