Chevrolet Trax 2016

Chevrolet Trax 2016

Certainly one of the best received compact SUV options on the market today (and one of the more capable crossover vehicles you’re going to find), the brand-new Chevrolet Trax 2016 is turning heads left and right for all the right reasons.

Beautifully designed, intelligently engineered, and capable of almost outlandish performance for its relatively small size, this is an amazing SUV that you are going to fall in love with almost from the first moment you slide behind the wheel.

Those in the market for a compact and capable SUV will want to pay very close attention to the Chevrolet Trax 2016!

Initial Impressions

When you get your first look at the Chevrolet Trax 2016, you’re going to notice that it shares the same kind of design aesthetic that all of the “grown-up” SUVs in the Chevrolet lineup enjoy.

This is a muscular, boxy, aggressive looking SUV, everything that the modern driver is looking for and then some. You’ll also find it to offer all kinds of extra room in the cabin (always a welcome feature), and its carrying capacity of close to 112 ft.³ is top-notch as well.

All things considered, this is a beautiful SUV and you’ll find people asking about your new Chevrolet Trax 2016 pretty much every time you head out into public.

Power and Performance

You are going to be incredibly impressed by the power and performance you’re able to get out of the in-line four-cylinder 1.4 L motor that the Chevrolet Trax 2016 as under the hood.

Producing 148 foot-pounds of torque and giving you 138 hp, this vehicle is going to provide you with the kind of crisp acceleration you’re looking for with a top speed that is very reasonable. You probably won’t want to call anything with this vehicle, but as far as getting out into the rough and rocky roads of America is concerned, this vehicle will get you where you are hoping to go.

How the Chevrolet Trax 2016 stacks up against the competition

The SUV market (especially the compact SUV market) is one of the most crowded and cluttered in the automobile industry.

The Chevrolet Trax 2016 model definitely has a lot of competition, but it fares very well against all of them. It isn’t a luxury SUV by any stretch of the imagination, and isn’t quite as rugged or as durable as in “off-road machine” like the Jeep Wrangler – but it’s that sweet spot in the middle that people absolutely love these days!

Final Verdict

If you want a capable, fuel-efficient, and performance minded compact SUV that is absolutely beautiful, you are going to really like the Chevrolet Trax 2016.

Posted: 08 April 2016

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