BMW i8

BMW i8

BMW i8 The most progressive sport car.

The BMW i8 is the most progressive sport car as of today. As the first sports car with the consumption and emission values of a compact car. The strength of the plug-in hybrid lies, among other factors, in the perfect synchronisation of electric motor and combustion engine, which makes itself apparent in maximum efficiency and dynamics on the road. The first sports car that reached all your needs such as concept, design, looks, efficient and consumption.

BMW i8 the next step of sport cars concept. BMW i8 reaches the peak of the development: A plug-in hybrid with the appearance and performance of a sports car, which at the same time gives the consumption and emissions of a compact car. You can feel the better driving experience with the BMW's EfficientDynamics technology and Plug-in Hybrid technology that works with 3 cylinders benzine engine and has been designed with concept Life Drive Architecture.

The Interior Design of All-New BMW i8

All-new BMW i8 - A sports car at first sight. Extremely low and wide when viewfrom the front, a flat silhouette, powerfully shaped surfaces and precise contours.  With a design to meet all functions and requirements. All parts has been designed by aluminium, carbon fiber and thermoplastic which are lightweight materials but strong and durable. As a result, the BMW i8 is the lightweight compact sport car but efficiency and sporty.

The sporty look of the exterior is continued seamlessly in the interior of the BMW i8. All elements are light and dynamically positioned. In the interior, the layering principle creates a novel relationship between functionality and clear form. 

The centre console is aligned towards the driver. All the instruments and the digital instrument panel with its two large displays are easy to operate. All passengers have a low seating position and the narrow lightweight seats provide reliable support and outstanding of comfort even when cornering rapidly. The iDrive Controller is conveniently located on the centre console that optically bisects the vehicle.

All-new BMW i8 doors are Scissor Doors that will swing upwards when opened. The scissor doors are an optical highlight and blend perfectly into the smooth lines of the aerodynamic body.

Standard in the BMW i8, LED headlights fit in perfectly with the exceptional sports car concept. All lighting elements are completely in LED. The front light has a typical BMW i U-shaped frame, which contains the DRL (Daytime Running Lights) and a built-in indicator.

Posted: 04 February 2015

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