Bangkok International Motor Show 2016

Bangkok International Motor Show 2016

Every year, auto and motorcycle manufacturers release loads of new models and upgrades for their existing cars and bikes. Auto enthusiasts and fanatics might not always be satisfied with reading about these releases, which is why they gather at auto shows and conventions to learn more about the latest trends in transportation. The Bangkok International Motor Show is one of the biggest motor shows across Asia and boasts an exciting line-up of different activities guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest of guests.

Bangkok International Motor Show 2016

More about the Bangkok International Motor Show

Motor and auto brands and manufacturers put their best foot forward during the Bangkok International Motor Show because of the thousands of guests that this event generates in just a short span of time. The motor show features some of the latest concept cars and production cars available in the market, guaranteed to tickle the fancy of car and motorbike enthusiasts everywhere. If you like to get news while it’s hot and fresh from the source, you should definitely visit this event as they launch and introduce the newest and the hottest brand new auto models.

Aside from having numerous cars and bikes on display, there are also a ton of different fun activities that participants can join in on for a whole day of excitement. Some of the mini events include rally and off road competitions, car tuning contests, audio shows, and a whole lot more.

Car shows aren't always about the models themselves, however, as many of the booths and activities available at the Bangkok International Motor show highlight car parts and upgrades. If you’re not at the event to learn more about what car or bike you should buy, you should at least check out the accessories they have available to soup up the wheels you have now.

Preparing for the Bangkok International Motor Show 2016

If you’re planning on heading out to the next Bangkok International Motor Show, keep in mind that tickets often sell really fast, so you should book yours sooner rather than later. You should also check the surrounding areas for hotel reservations to give you a place to spend the night in preparation for the next day. Finally, you should plan ahead of time when it comes to travel (if you intend to come from a far place to the show) as traffic conditions and unfamiliar roads could slow down your travel. After all, the last thing you would want is to miss out on the awesome activities the Bangkok International Motor Show 2016 has lined up for its guests and visitors.

Posted: 08 March 2016