All new Toyota Fortuner 2016

All new Toyota Fortuner 2016

If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, you’ll enjoy learning about one exciting option. The Toyota Fortuner 2015-2016 is a sport utility vehicle with a bold and strong design. This stylish and functional SUV comes with plenty of “bells and whistles”, including a big cabin which features a roomy refrigerator which is perfect for onboard drinks and snacks. In addition, it’s motor and systems are cutting-edge and ultra-modern.

This SUV Has Plenty of Great Features

Equipped with a GD Efficient Boost combustion system, the Toyota Fortuner 2015-2016 also features plenty of torque and truly superior fuel economy. Designed to offer a smooth and quiet ride, this SUV has a six-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system which may be activated with just a touch.

This SUV is just right for those who appreciate rugged style with sporty elements. In addition, since the interior is very comfortable, it’s a vehicle which sells well and appeals to many different types of people, from singles to families. Other features of this sport utility vehicle include 18-inch alloy wheels, a cruise control option, a driver’s seat which adjusts to eight different positions and dual LED headlamps. Every vehicle will come with two front airbags for driver and passenger safety.

Toyota Vehicles are Very Reliable

Toyota is a Japanese auto manufacturer with a strong and positive reputation. Vehicles which are designed by this company are known for their dependability and they offer plenty of value for a fair price. This vehicle is for sale in a range of nations, including India and Thailand, and it comes in different versions, including a Diesel version.

If you want a sporty SUV which is feature-packed and very comfortable, this may be the sport utility vehicle that you’ve been looking for. For more details, visit the official Toyota website today.

Posted: 31 Auust 2015

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