All-new Mazda2 2015

All-new Mazda2 2015

All-new Mazda2 2015, the most popular supermini car from Mazda

All-new Mazda2 2015 is the most popular supermini car today. With a fresh design and modern look from all angles and high performance in both diesel and petrol engines. Under the design concept called "Hazumi Concept", All-new Mazda2 has been designed with a main focus on luxurious and elegant dark tone interior with the touch screen in center console and handbrake and display screens on the back for rear passengers. All-new Mazda2 comes with the latest SKYACTIV technology that works with the suspension flawlessly.

The engine of All-new Mazda2 is available in two models. The 1.3 liter (Eco model) and 1.5 liter SKYACTIV-G. Also available in diesel which is 1.5 liter SKYACTIV-D diesel engine. All models are available in both 6 speed manual and automatic transmission.

All-new Mazda2 2015 is designed in Huzumi Concept which has a length 4,070 mm, width 1,730 mm and height 1,450 mm. In this dimension of the small 5 doors car makes it so comfortable to drive, fun and can fit in any parking area. Mazda2 comes with 16" alloy wheels, new headlight with daytime LED, push-to-start engine, voice system with Bluetooth connectivity to connect your smartphone. There is another handy option for passenger seats that can be adjusted to support passenger head.

If you are someone who loves in small sport car, All-new mazda2 will be another great choice. It is not only small and comfortable car but it worth saving for your pocket. All-new Mazda2 is a today's supermini car by it's all design i.e. body, comfortable, performance and fuel saving. Whether it's a new car or secondhand car, you will be in love with this All-new Mazda2.

Posted: 04 January 2015