Triumph Daytona 675R ABS

Triumph Daytona 675R ABS

Here’s your very first look at the all-new 2015 Triumph Daytona 675R ABS

For years and years now, Triumph motorcycles have focused on giving riders the ultimate in comfort and control, producing some of the best road touring bikes the world has ever seen. These bikes were heavy, safe, and designed for multi-day trips down windy roads.

But there’s a new breed of Triumph bikes hitting the market in the last few years, and the 2015 Triumph Daytona 675R ABS exemplifies this new transition. Triumph has clearly set their sights on the superbike community, and with the new Daytona, they get a lot more right than they do wrong.

This is an exciting bike, there’s no way around it.

Initial Impression

At first blush, nothing about this bike screams that it’s a Triumph.

In fact, if anything, it looks a lot more like a Japanese superbike than anything else – and that’s not a bad thing. The old roadster and touring style look wouldn’t translate well over to the superbike community, and Triumph was smart to break away from tradition with this motorcycle.


As far as performance is concerned, the Triumph Daytona 675R ABS is built on the back of a 675cc engine producing 128 HP with 74lbs of torque – more than enough power to rocket you down the highway AND the track (if you’re up for it).

Combine that with a dry weight of 169kg, and a 4.6 gallon gas tank, and you’re looking a lean, mean racing machine here. This is a motorcycle that has been engineered for top performance and makes no bones about it.

This is a bike that’s going to fly.

Style and Design

The new frame that the Triumph Daytona 675R ABS brings to the table has been redesigned completely, as has the chassis. Everything has been simplified and streamlined, and a lot of “dead weight” has been dropped from the bike completely.

The bike looks amazingly aggressive, and thanks to its unique color scheme and lack of “plastic”, this is a motorcycle that will draw attention even at a red light. It’s lean, it’s fast, and it looks like it’s ready to pounce – even at a standstill.

Final Verdict

If you’ve been searching for something a bit different in the world of superbikes and don’t want to turn to the “usual suspect” manufacturers for your next motorcycle, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at the 2015 Triumph Daytona 675R ABS. 

Posted: 13 Auust 2015