Stallion Centaur 400

Stallion Centaur 400

Easily one of the most impressive café racer style motorcycles to be manufactured in the last few years, the Stallion CT 400 is a combination project between Stallion Motorcycles in Thailand and one of the largest Chinese manufacturers of motorcycles Shineray Motorcycles.

Stallion Centaur 400

Engineered specifically to provide a tremendous amount of power while at the same time being perfectly acceptable as a beginner’s bike for those just getting started with motorcycles, you’ll find the 400cc air cooled overhead four valve single cylinder engine to be more than adequate to get you everywhere you’re looking to go with zip.

The Stallion CT 400 is a powerful and compact café racer head exceeds all expectations

Pumping out right around 29 hp and a considerable amount of torque, you’ll be able to achieve top speeds upwards how hundred miles an hour, though you’ll probably want to cruise around and a much more manageable speed – especially if you’re going to be buzzing around winding roads.

All the same, it’s nice to know that you have access to that kind of power if you’re going to be taking this café racer out onto the highway!

Stallion Centaur 400

Incredibly fuel efficient and very cost-effective

Utilizing a brand-new electronic fuel injection system and small catalytic converters in the retro looking exhaust pipes, you’ll be able to get a remarkable amount of fuel efficiency out of this café racer style bike and save quite a bit of money on your commutes.

The bike itself is relatively inexpensive (especially compared to some of the more fully featured “super bikes” available on the market today), and you will be able to keep fuel costs really low thanks to the improved efficiency.

Stallion Centaur 400

Infinitely customizable, the Stallion CT 400 is the ideal starter bike

The real special secret behind this bike perfect for beginners is the fact that it can be effortlessly customized even if you’ve never worked on motorcycles before. This suspension is simple and straightforward (and can be totally overhauled), the engine can be upgraded, the swing arm can be modified, and most everything else can be tuned on the bike to create something truly special and something truly unique.

You just aren’t going to find that many starter bike options out there that can grow with their owner (and his or her skill level) going the way that the Stallion CT 400 is going to be able to.

The odds are pretty good that you’re going to fall in love with this bike just like so many others already have!

Posted: 26 July 2016