New Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport

New Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport

For years and years now, the engineers and designers over at Suzuki has been responsible for making some of the best superbike options on the planet.

Their line of GSX R motorcycles are always regarded as some of the best designed, best looking, and fastest iron horses ever created, and there’s a reason why somebody people flock to Suzuki each and every year when they are ready to buy their first motorcycle or upgrade to a superbike like the GSX R1000.

Speaking of the new Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport, it has been upgraded significantly for 2016. If you’ve been looking to get behind the handlebars of the best superbike on the planet, here’s your chance!

New Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport


The GSX R1000 has always been a beautiful motorcycle, but it’s even better looking than it’s ever been before these days.

Clean lines, elegant additions of safety focused plastics, and a paint scheme that absolutely screams Suzuki heritage all abound on this new motorcycle, giving you own there and the rest of the industry) a great idea as to what superbikes are supposed to look like.

New Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport


From a performance standpoint, however, the engineers behind the new Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport have left no stone unturned.

The 999cc four-cylinder engine produces amazing power and top-end speed, and gives you the kind of top-end speed you need to dominate on the track if that’s something that you’re interested in pursuing.

The GSX R1000 also features the patented Dual Throttle Valve system from Suzuki, with one valve controlled by the writer and the secondary valve controlled by the ECM.

This makes your ride a lot more efficient, a lot snappier, and a lot safer at the same time. The Drive Mode Selector also allows you to effortlessly switch between three different fuel injection and ignition “system maps”, creating the kind of riding platform you’re interested in at any one particular point in time.

New Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport

Final verdict

It may not be the R1300 Hayabusa, but the all new Suzuki GSX R1000 Super Sport is an amazing sports bike in and of itself.

Posted: 09 April 2016