New Honda CBR300R

New Honda CBR300R

For years and years now, people looking to get into the world of motorcycles have been turning to the Honda 300 line to help them do exactly that.

Intelligently designed, performance focused, and created to help new motorcycle riders understand exactly what they are getting into driving around on two wheels, the Honda 300 line has always been received well – but the New Honda CBR300R is going to improve that reputation even more, if at all possible!

New Honda CBR300R


Designed and engineered specifically to look like every other entry into the “Sportsbike” category of motorcycles that Honda has been responsible for bringing to market for years now, you aren’t going to ever feel like more experienced riders are looking down at you because you’re tooling around on an entry-level option.

This is a bike that looks very “grown-up”, featuring the same kind of aggressive and very modern styling that some of the more powerful motorcycles from Honda feature as well.

New Honda CBR300R


Now let’s talk about performance.

The single cylinder engine is lightweight and nimble, while at the same time offering an intelligent power band that makes it perfect for highway drives or small-town commutes. Amazingly lightweight (just 357 pounds), it also happens to feature a six speed transmission that will get you up to 60 miles an hour faster than you ever would have thought possible.

New Honda CBR300R

Combine that with a standard seat height of 30.7 inches (comfortable for everyone) and a fuel capacity of almost 3 ½ gallons (with 71 miles per gallon) and you’ll see exactly why so many people feel that the New Honda CBR300R is so special!

Let’s not forget though that this motorcycle has been designed specifically to cater to entry-level riders that are looking to cruise around safely without a world of experience.

It offers advanced safety features, intelligent braking systems, and the kind of “power limitations” you need to make sure that your motorcycle doesn’t get away from you while you’re learning how to ride.

New Honda CBR300R

Final verdict

All things considered, there may not be a better entry-level bike on the market compared to the New Honda CBR300R.

Posted: 09 April 2016