Ducati Scambler

Ducati Scambler

Ducati motorcycles have always been some of the most exciting options on the planet, and as much a “lifestyle” motorcycle as Harley-Davidsons - if not more so!

People purchase Ducati motorcycles not only for the power, performance, and stunning good looks, but also because of the history and almost legendary reputation that these bikes ever earned ever since the very first Ducati rolled off of the assembly line.

The Scrambler – this Scrambler – is designed to pay homage to that legendary reputation while at the same time go out and forge its own destiny. It’s a bit of a departure from the standard Ducati motorcycle, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Initial Impression

A slimmed down almost minimalist approach that shows just how far Ducati engineers have come and how close they are to creating the perfect motorcycle every single time out, the Scrambler is really something special in every way imaginable.

Lightweight, powerful, and very simple and straightforward – this is the kind of bike that new motorcycle riders are going to fall in love with as well as the kind of bike that established “veterans” are going to go crazy over. It has everything that people are looking for today and then some!


Built on the back of an 803cc air cooled and fuel injected engine, and this bike is going to put out more than 75 hp and 50 foot-pounds of torque with no difficulty whatsoever. That might not sound like all that much at first, but when you realize that this bike is 400 pounds (with a full tank of gas) you’ll realize that you’re looking at an almost unbelievable amount of power at your fingertips the second that you touch the throttle.

Style and Design

A bit of a throwback design for sure, the Ducati Scrambler designers definitely took inspiration from Ducati bikes of the 1970s and gave them a bit of a modern twist for the creation of this new kid on the block.

Incredibly comfortable (even over long distances), this bike is going to turn heads no matter where you ride it, especially if you’re cruising around in one that is finished in classic Ducati Racing Red.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for a new bike, but aren’t quite sure of which one to go forward with in an overly crowded entry-level marketplace, give the Ducati Scrambler a closer look. You aren’t going to regret it.

Posted: 13 Auust 2015