BMW S1000RR 2015

BMW S1000RR 2015

Even though most super sport motorcycles come out of Japan these days, it’s impossible to sleep on everything that those crazy German engineers have been cooking up for the brand-new BMW S1000RR.

Almost over engineered, just about absolutely everything is new for this superbike, and those German engineers hit every sweet spot necessary to produce one of the most stunning sports bikes on the planet today.

Fast, attractive, and incredibly efficient – everything you’d expect from BMW – this is the ultimate driving machine on two wheels and then some!

Initial Impression

The very first thing that you’re going to notice about this BMW super sport bike is that it looks a lot like some of the recent BMW entries into the street bike world, but only if they were on steroids!

This is a very muscular, lean, powerful looking sports bike that steals a lot of design inspiration from fighter jets. You’re definitely going to notice this bike coming down the road, but you’ll also notice it standing still in a parking lot as well!


As far as performance is concerned, the Germans have definitely taken things up a notch or two.

Shaving 9 pounds off of its “dry weight” while at the same time improving horsepower and torque, this 999cc in-line four-cylinder engine is going to produce jaw-dropping speed and incredible power that never feels outside of your control. Peak horsepower is right around 199 HP, and the torque ratings are off the charts as well.

This isn’t just a super sport bike – it’s THE super sport bike!

Style and Design

This is not the kind of motorcycle that you’re going to want to own if you are shy or aren’t interested in making any new friends.

Absolutely everything about this new motorcycle has been designed to catch the attention of everyone and anyone (some of that as a safety feature, but most of the from the pure aesthetics standpoint), and you are definitely going to draw a crowd when you are driving it around.

Available in a candy apple red paint scheme as an alternate, we’re in love with the “M Power” silver, blue, and red paint scheme that BMW has become so famous for worldwide.

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, there really isn’t anything else on the planet quite like the brand-new 2015 BMW S1000RR.

This is a stock motorcycle that comes from the factory ready (and certainly willing) to compete with race package style bikes right out of the gate, and is absolutely everything – and then some – that super sport motorcycle riders are looking for.

It just might be the most exciting motorcycle on the road today.

Posted: 13 Auust 2015