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Purchasing Second Hand Cars in Chonburi

Purchasing Second Hand Cars in Chonburi

If you’re thinking of purchasing a used car in Chonburi, you might not be familiar with all the paperwork requirements for the transfer of ownership. The registration procedure for used cars in Chonburi differs from that of a new car, and there are different requirements depending on the age of the used car, and whether the car is registered for personal or business use.

Chonburi Has Many Used Car Dealers

The good news for people looking to purchase second hand cars in Chonburi is that there are many ways for them to find a quality used car in the area. Chonburi is a lively and upscale area, and there are many used car dealers that feature high-quality cars that have been made like new before resale. There’s a lively secondary market for used autos in addition to larger dealers.

Transfer of the Registration Is the Most Important Step

No matter where you choose to purchase your second hand car in Chonburi, you’ll have to transfer the registration to your name from the seller’s name among other paperwork necessary to drive your new purchase. It typically takes up to four weeks to receive a new car registration, so dealerships often offer temporary plates that you can use to drive until your official plates arrive. Used cars can be transferred and registered the same day if both you and the seller are motivated and have all the information necessary handy. It’s easier if you bring the used car itself to the Land Transport Office, as it speeds up the review of certain important documents.

Second Hand Cars Over 7 Years Old Need an Additional Check

Used cars in Chonburi that are over 7 years old need to be checked to ensure the registration number on the chassis and the engine match up with one another. There’s an inexpensive fee charged for this service, but it usually only takes thirty minutes to complete the inspection process.

Registering Under a Business Name is More Complicated

When you purchase a used car or truck in Chonburi, and wish to register it under a business name instead of under your personal name, the process is more complicated and time consuming. Company registration papers must be produced, and copies of the identification cards of the owners of the company are also required. If the owners of the business are foreign, copies of either passports or work permits are substituted.

While there might be certain advantages gained by registering your used car in Chonburi under a company name, remember that all your transfer and registration fees will be doubled, and you’ll be charged twice as much annual tax compared to a used car or truck registered personally.

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