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Secondhand JAGUAR XF (2014)

JAGUAR XF (2014)

1,990,000 THB

  • Nearly New Car
  • 43,000 KM
  • Diesel
ABS, Air Bag, Air Conditioning, Book Service, CD Player, Central Lock, Cruise Control, Digital Air Conditioning, Digital Mileage, Electric Adjustable Seat, Electric Adjustable Side Mirror, Electric Fold Side Mirror, Electric Windows, Hi-Fi Stereo, Immobilizer Remote Key, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Power Steering Wheel, Radio...
Secondhand TOYOTA HILUX VIGO (2014)
  • Used Car
TOYOTA HILUX VIGO CHAMP Double Cab [E] Prerunner VN Turbo 2.5 MT ปี 2014 Toyota Hilux VIGO CHAMP Double Cab [E] Prerunner VN Turbo 2.5 MT ปี 2014 สี ขาว, เกียร์ ธรรมดา, แอร์, วิทยุ, ล้อ แมก ซ์, CD, ABS, พ. พา ว เวอร์, ก. ไฟฟ้า, ซ. ล็อก, เบาะ ผ้า กระจก มอง ข้าง แบบ โค ร เมี่ ยม, กระจก มอง ข้าง ปรับ ไฟฟ้า, ไฟ เลี้ยว ที่ กระจก มอง ข้าง, ไฟ ตัด หมอก, แม็ ก 16 " บันได ข้าง, กันสาด br / > 0915577695
Secondhand TOYOTA SOLUNA (2008)


265,000 THB

  • Used Car
Sell ​​VIOS '08 E / MT car one hand woman driving the car owner is selling it for 1 If Mai. Leave me a beautiful cream leather upholstery 79XXX miles I ran a little taken to Bangkok for 3 years and the LPG tank donuts (energy reform) I never had the strength to save a lot of flooding.
Secondhand JEEP CHEROKEE (1997)


260,000 THB

  • Used Car
Used Jeep Cherokee 1997 square makeover 260,000 baht for a used car that is well maintained throughout, new interior just painted it. The gas nozzle Also did not notice the car in good condition, have had bumper dents. Interesting to see the car in Luang Rama agriculture ( weekdays) Khen (Saturday interior leather seats.
Secondhand HONDA ACCORD (2008)


649,000 THB

  • Used Car
HONDA ACCORD [EL] 2.4 i-VTEC AT Year 2008 HONDA ACCORD [EL] 2.4 i-VTEC AT THB 649,000 for the year 2008 Gray, Automatic, radio., Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG 8 leaves, Bldg. Power, g Power, C locking, leather upholstery Mirror adjustment., Turn signal mirrors, fog lights, Alloy 17 ", Digital Cameras, Interior trim., Electrically adjustable leather seats, air conditioning units, sunshade round., Electric rear sunshade, Multifunction, Cruse Control, Display LCD, Park Sensor, Remote Gas LPG interested in buying a car can contact the sales staff by telephone as listed below: You. Tom Price 649,000 baht 082-7269697 OFFICE 02-455-0115-6 0827269697.
Secondhand MITSUBISHI LANCER (2004)
  • Used Car
  • 130,001 KM
Sale Lancer cedia good condition just made ​​a new air 0852426364.
Secondhand BMW SERIES 5 (1997)

BMW SERIES 5 (1997)

170,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 279,000 KM
  • LPG
Electric Adjustable Side Mirror, Electric Windows, Remote Car Keys, Power Steering Wheel, Rear Electric Sunshade, Mag Wheel, Radio, MP3, CD Player, Hi-Fi Stereo, Central Lock, ABS, Electric Adjustable Seat, Air Conditioning, Rear Air Conditioning, Digital Mileage...

499,000 THB

  • Used Car
ISUZU, RODEO 3.0 LS TURBO 4WD XENON year 2011 MT 1 FULL OPTION mobile cameras - the brake ABS AIRBAG TV + DVD disc brakes, fog lights, leather seats, mitigate the side. Bumper - Rear power consumption of the remote control key + alarm. Condition successfully
Secondhand TOYOTA HILUX VIGO (2011)
  • Used Car
Black, Manual, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, May. Power, g Power, C locking, leather seats, mirrors, Power Windows, Alloy 15 ". side, awning, remote lock a pretty good quality here too. A second -hand car Wisan Autocar mezzanine Bang the traditional 2 Body guarantee. Guaranteed satisfaction and service after the sale of the vehicle ( free labor), both for the financing of quality. I will credit you for a thorough screening. The Republic finance the deposit. The book did not get any. Clear the full 3 hour get away, we have over 200 vehicles to choose from, we are committed to you, our customers a great selection of over 7 years of full- Contact 0827269699 Chef Chef Wisan Autocar Line gookgookza5688 0827269699.
Secondhand HONDA CR-V (2007)

HONDA CR-V (2007)

519,000 THB

  • Used Car
What are the BL but not a lot of money, no support, traders star career unclear. Registration does not stay
Secondhand HONDA ACCORD (2003)


369,000 THB

  • Used Car
Black, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG pair, Bldg. Power, g Power, C locking, leather upholstery Mirror adjustment., Rear Spoiler, Alloy 16 ", Digital Cameras, Park Sensor, Remote There is no guarantee against heavy flooding original miles axle mounted tightly BOOK SERVICE. the B / L, no support at home. e. the advisor is going out a budget, it is easy to transfer the rights guaranteed by law. Bought transfer did not get back the full amount. A customer 's credit arranged 100 % approval easy to know soon Republic Financing was left to the deposits. Usually we do not accept reservations. Admission is free. Willing to assist in any case Grade A condition has selected more than 200 vehicles to visit a car directly to your bank Wisan Autocar Tel. 0827269771 Bank 0827269771.

459,000 THB

  • Used Car
NISSAN BIG-M FRONTIER NAVARA KING CAB 2.5 CALIBRE MT ปี 2014 ** LAST PRICE ** *** รับประกันหากรถมีชนหนัก-พลิกคว่ำ-จมน้ำ ยินดีรับซื้อคืน100%เต็ม*** สีเทา, เกียร์ธรรมดา, แอร์, วิทยุ, ล้อแมกซ์, CD, ABS, พ.พาวเวอร์, ก.ไฟฟ้า, ซ. ล็อก, เบาะผ้า กระจกมองข้างปรับไฟฟ้า,ไฟเลี้ยวที่กระจกมองข้าง,ไฟตัดหมอก,พื้นปูกระบะ,Multifunction,กุญแจรีโมท ยินดีให้คำปรึกษาด้านการจัดไฟแนนท์ ทุกกรณี สนใจติดต่อสอบถามเพิ่มเติมที่ คุณ ต๋อม 085-6785533 Line ID: t010922 0856785533
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