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Secondhand TOYOTA MR-S (2004)

TOYOTA MR-S (2004)

555,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 116,000 KM
  • Petrol
Air Conditioning, Auto Air Conditioning, Book Service, CD Player, Central Lock, Digital Air Conditioning, Electric Windows, Immobilizer Remote Key, Mag Wheel, MP3, Power Steering Wheel, Radio, Remote Car Keys, Sun Roof...
Secondhand TOYOTA CORONA (1996)


106,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 200,001 KM
1.8 Auto sales end overwhelmingly good condition, not a taxi for 100% 2 Gas LPG + petrol remote steering. Electric Seat better electric transmission axle tight soft brown color within the spacious Alloy rim 15 "LENSO for are not disappointed.
Secondhand TOYOTA HILUX VIGO (2006)
  • Used Car
2006 Toyota vigo 3.0G stars not much money, no support, professional traders are not clear. Registration does not stay I was able to leave the car in good condition, no Hit hard Financing arranged for car air suspension is not the heavy flooding, power windows, electric mirror adjustment. Central locking, alloy wheels, brakes. ABS, remote lock, 0841441634.
Secondhand TOYOTA PRIUS (2011)


589,000 THB

  • Used Car
TOYOTA PRIUS Hybrid 1.8 AT Year 2011 White, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG 9 leaves, Bldg. Power, g Power, C. Log., leather upholstery Mirror adjustment., Turn signal mirrors, fog lights, Digital Cameras, Multifunction, Cruse Control, Remote, Digital, Full Option *** warranty if the car is hit hard - overturned - drowning. Welcome Redemption 100% *** Please consult the lighting Nantwich all cases. Do you know more about Tom 085-6785533 or 082-7269697 Line ID: t010922 0856785533.
Secondhand TOYOTA COROLLA (2007)


300,000 THB

  • Used Car
  • 95,001 KM
TOYOTA, COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 G Limited ABS-Airbag 2007 ran at 98,000 km. ABS / Airbag leather brown wood grain console air digital radio, CD 1 plate mirrors, electric folding remote key 2 keys, one hand
Secondhand TOYOTA HILUX VIGO (2010)
  • Used Car
TOYOTA VIGO 2.7 SMART CAB Year 2010 Gray, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG pair, Bldg. Power, g Power, C. Locking. leather seats, electric mirrors, fog lights, Alloy 16 ", liner, remote gas NGV 0827269698.
Secondhand TOYOTA FORTUNER (2012)
  • Used Car
  • 53,000 KM
  • Diesel
ABS, Air Bag, Air Conditioning, Auto Air Conditioning, CD Player, Central Lock, Cruise Control, Digital Air Conditioning, Digital Mileage, Electric Adjustable Seat, Electric Adjustable Side Mirror, Electric Fold Side Mirror, Electric Windows, Hi-Fi Stereo, LCD Screen, MP3, Multifunction Steering Wheel, Power Steering Wheel...
Secondhand TOYOTA COROLLA (2008)


359,000 THB

  • Used Car
TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 [G] VVTi AT Year 2008 TOYOTA COROLLA ALTIS 1.6 [G] VVTi AT Year 2008 Black, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD,. ABS, AIRBAG pair, Bldg. Power, g Power, C locking, leather upholstery, electrically adjustable door mirrors ., Turn signal mirrors, fog lights, Spoiler, Alloy 17 " inch LCD 0915577695.

2,790,000 THB

  • Used Car
Red car was not registered NEW TOYOTA VELLFIRE 2.4 ZG Edition Mickey Mouse hassle conditions attached black list, no support, no salary slip rented house in the cold, it is not * NOTE * The financing is subject to the terms of the lease and property showrooms only. Subject to change without prior notice red car was not registered NEW TOYOTA VELLFIRE 2.4 ZG Edition Mickey Mouse [ wise as Mickey Mouse ] Auto white family car to use. Mickey Mouse fog nozzles are adjusted electricity rates and promotions for you at 2,790,000 Baht Contact fulfill PERM motor 08-Show Phone Number6330-0248 ( Suwannee ) Brake ABS + AIRBAG glass mirror. the electric and folding Turn Signal Mirror Velvet upholstery, power adjustable front With power steering MULTI-FUNCTION Tip Tronic transmission system, CRUISE CONTROL Remote central locking Interior Wood Digital Digital Air air as radio, sunroof, 2- door, Electric Slide Rear Electric Power XENON FOG PARK SENSOR spoiler rear wheels 18. " the Book Service manual. The key provision OPTION • 18 "Wheels • Twin Moon Roof - Power Back Door • Dual Power Slide Doors • Mickey Mouse Seats . • Smart entry and Start system • Eco Drive • Multifunction Steering • Electric mirrors around the car • Electric folding exterior mirrors • Rear view mirror auto dimming • Electrically adjustable seats • DVD Touchscreen support FM, USB, iPod, iPhone • Headrest screen • Rear view camera • Park sensor (front, back) .
Secondhand TOYOTA SOLUNA (1999)
  • Used Car
99 Toyota Soluna 1500.
Secondhand TOYOTA COROLLA (2009)


365,000 THB

  • Used Car
TOYOTA NEW ALTIS 1.6 E VVTi AT 2009 gray pigeon pretty TOYOTA NEW ALTIS 1.6 E VVTi AT 2009 Auto dove gray leather seats, four -wheel disc brakes, ABS brakes, very nice condition. No man ever drowned never mounted gas. E20 fuel has been full for a chat.
Secondhand TOYOTA CAMRY (2003)


389,000 THB

  • Used Car
TOYOTA CAMRY 2.4 Q VVTi 2003 389000 What are your prices? The problem is, no support, the B / L is the registration. E. The. Willing to assist in any case Check before booking Leasing Is not no reserve and no cost with any campaign, please contact Kay Wisan Autocar. 091-1202384 TOYOTA CAMRY 2.4 [Q] VVTi AT 2003 Price 389000 Black, Automatic, Air Conditioning, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, CD, ABS, AIRBAG 4 leaves, Wed. POWER., g Power, C locking, leather upholstery, door mirrors, Power windows, Alloy 16 ", Digital Cameras, leather upholstery, electrically adjustable, rear air, Multifunction, Park Sensor, remote, Digital. guaranteed not the heavy floods original miles axle tight BOOK SERVICE stuck B / L, no support at home. e. the advisor is going to have less of it to easily guarantee the right. the transfer tax Bought transfer did not get back the full amount. A customer 's credit arranged 100 % approval easy to know soon Republic Financing was left to the deposits. Usually we do not accept reservations. Admission is free. Willing to assist in any case Grade A condition has selected more than 200 vehicles to visit a car directly at Tum Wisan Autocar Tel. 091-1202384 0911202384.
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The best selling car manufacturer in the world, Toyota, still has the reputation as the most reliable of vehicles. Even after decades of new competitors coming into the market, Toyota has managed to produce affordable, long lasting cars that don’t cost an arm and a leg. Toyota has many different models to choose from, but all of them are reputable, known for low maintenance costs and easy driving. In fact, Toyotas are the most often sold and most often bought second hand cars. It is not surprising that they have such a good reputation.

Toyota Vios

A second hand Toyota Vios is a wise choice. It generally has a long life expectancy for a four-door sedan on the lower end of the price spectrum. The Vios typically comes with a 1.5 liter 1NZ-FE engine. Try to find a second hand model built after 2005, when the exterior and interior both received upgrades and a more stylish modern look.

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris is basically the same car as the Vios. It is marketed to and manufactured for customers in the United States and Australia. There a few small variations however, when compared directly to the Vios. The underpinning are located on different angles and provides more stability than its Vios cousin. But, generally speaking, it is the same car, an affordable sedan that won’t break down.

Toyota Fortuner

Moving up in size to a mid-size SUV, you may find the Toyota Fortuner a good choice. Also known as the SW4, the Fortuner offers size, power, stability, and performance. It can be found on the second hand market with a variety of different types of engines, so be careful you don’t overpay. The Fortuner comes with engines ranging from the 2.7 liter 2TR-FE engine to the largest 4.0 liter 1GR-FE V6. The Fortuner is a very big car, with a height of 1.85 meters, so be sure you have adequate space for parking before making this purchase.

Toyota Altis

The Toyota Altis is actually a splinter design of the traditional Toyota Corolla. Altis is the name given to Corolla’s built after 2000 and sold in South East Asia. The Altis has many benefits from its predecessors, most importantly it was lengthened while still retaining the standard side panels and beautiful exterior. Most are stocked with the 1ZZ-FE engine, and quite honestly, it is probably one of the best, if not the best, Toyota’s for the price.

Toyota Camry

As one of Toyota’s most popular cars, the Camry is a four-door mid-size that is sold in almost every country in the world. It is sleek, stylish, but comfortable and appropriate to serve as a family vehicle. The older Camry’s were a bit narrow, but the Camry's built after the mid 1990’s were engineered wider. The later models have much better handling on the road, especially at middle to high speeds. As the quality of the design increases. So does the price, so be careful if selecting a recent model Camry with low mileage.

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