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There are very few cars that say luxury and affordability in one quite like Isuzu. The isuzu brand has made great gains in its international brand image as new models have hit the market over the last ten years. If you need a reliable second hand car, but aren’t sure which direction to go and refuse to sacrifice style for cheaper costs, Isuzu might be the best of both worlds and make you a happy car owner. Isuzu has a good reputation for a second hand car.

Isuzu MU series

One of the constants on the second hand market is the Isuzu MU series, most notably the MU 7, which can go by a variety of names depending on the market you find yourself in. Built between 2002 and 2013, the Isuzu MU 7 is a standard three door hatchback multi-use vehicle similar to an SUV. It has high ratings for power and durability, so it makes an excellent second hand car as far as reliability goes. It comes standard with a 2.3 liter up to four liter engine. This vehicle as thus dropped the MU moniker and is known in many places as simply the Isuzu Wizard.

No to be outdone by its competitors, Isuzu released a Cross series of compact t SUV’s in 1991. The C Cross is a nominally designed but reliable SUV that possesses some of the most reliable parts on the market. The vehicle is known for having few problems and low maintenance costs. A second hand C Cross is a steal if you can find one available. Most owners do not give these cars up, and will drive them until they have nothing left.
Isuzu X Series is a powerful pickup truck designed to function as both a durable work truck and as a family sedan. It has more interior room than most pickup trucks, and it is stylish enough to take out for a night on the town. It is engineered well, for power, balance, and handling. Overall, it is an excellent vehicle that makes a great second hand car.

Isuzu V cross

The Isuzu V cross is another member of the Cross series produced from 1997 on. The V cross is quite unique in its advancements. It is a four-wheel drive all-terrain vehicle that is rated highly among the industry professionals. The Isuzu V Cross is nimble on the road and strong off road. And perfect for any type of driver.

Isuzu TFR

The Isuzu TFR is a lightweight pickup truck that carries on the traditions of the original Isuzu faster model, manufactured as early as 1972. The TFR is a lightweight truck with incredible pulling power. Built with a stock engine, the TFR varies greatly between models manufactured prior to 1997 and those manufactured after. The later edition TFR’s have a more stylish, rounded look to the front and a redesigned dash in the interior.

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