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Buying a second hand car is probable the second most important purchase after buying a house that’s why it’s important that you research thoroughly. it’s a lot of work buying a car especially a second hand car. Besides checking into the different cars, you have to do the math, check your finances, and the rest. When you have identified the make and model you want, do a final inspection: check the mileage and tread depth, listen for any unusual sounds, especially sounds coming from the engine or the breaks.

If you have done your research and decide the best choice for you is the Honda, look no further. This informative guide will list the most popular second hand Honda models on the market and help you make the final decision.

Honda Jazz

With a name like Jazz, it better be a good car; and it is. The Honda Jazz is a five door compact, which has incredible cargo space and a unique design. The jazz comes with some extraordinary design features that allows the rear seats to be lowered extremely low, creating more space for the driver. The updated versions after 2007 are the most popular and come standard with engines ranging from a 1.2 liter to a 1.5 liter.

Honda Brio

Another of Honda’s great cars is the Honda Brio, it is also a 5-door hatchback, subcompact car. It is one of Honda’s newer design; you can’t find a Brio before 2010. It is manufactured with a standard four cylinder, 1.2 liter L12Bi-VTEC engine. It has many of the more modern safety features, like dual front airbags and compression panels in the front.

Honda Accord

Honda has always had great success with the Honda Accord. It is a sturdy and reliable vehicle that has been around for decades. They became famous as affordable small to midsize cars that were great on gas mileage and roomy enough to drive anywhere. Honda Accords built prior to 200 may not be as stylish as most people would like, even looking out of place on the roads today, but the newer models are sleek, fashionable, and fun to drive.

Honda Freed

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, maybe for the family, then I would suggest the Honda Freed. It is a more modern vehicle and as a mini MVP it has plenty of room and stature on the roadway. Manufactured since 2008, the Feed replaced the less popular Honda Mobilio model. It is manufactured with a standard 1.5 liter engine, which has 118 HP and a lot of torque.

Honda City

The Honda City is one of Honda’s never-ending experimental vehicles. It is a car that has undergone many changes over the years. Prior to 2002, most Honda City’s, known as SX8’s, were engineered using the same basic design as the Honda Civic. They came standard with a 1.3 liter or 1.5 liter engine. They are economical for city driving and small enough to maneuver around rush hour. For the price, the Honda City is a great deal.

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