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Secondhand YAMAHA Mio (2012)

YAMAHA Mio (2012)

19,900 THB

  • Used Motorbike
  • 7,650 KM
  • 114 CC
Distance 157.65 KM
YAMAHA MIO FINO Classic, 114 cc., Red-Gold metallic, Automatic, Starter, good condition, direct from first owner Contact: 092-9717315 (Thai), 092-9815414 (English) Line: tobiaskaaniris Email:
Secondhand HONDA Wave (2015)

HONDA Wave (2015)

35,000 THB

  • Nearly New
  • 1,900 KM
  • 125 CC
Distance 33.58 KM
Like new. Under 2000 kilometers. Bought this bike new less than a year ago. Moving need to sell.
Secondhand HONDA Spacy (2013)

HONDA Spacy (2013)

23,000 THB

  • Used Motorbike
  • 20,000 KM
  • 110 CC
Distance 33.58 KM
Great condition, no problems, and is a great ride with good acceleration. It doesn't have a huge engine but it is light that is noticed more at top-speed than accelerating. Fuel efficiency is good! The Engine: It is 110cc, fuel injection, carburetted single cylinder fitted with an overhead camshaft, and is air-cooled via forced air cooling. The features: Helmet-in space under seat, quick-dry seat, fuel hook for bags, and an automatic kill-switch when the kickstand goes down. Located in Phuket, near Central Festival Call: 092-545-8770
Secondhand TRIUMPH Tiger 1050 (2008)
  • Used Motorbike
  • 3,000 KM
  • 1,050 CC
Bangkok, Khet Watthana - Distance 69.48 KM
Sell Triumph Tiger 1050 2008 $ 550,000. you rain 0909943915
Considerations When Purchasing Second Hand Motorbikes in Saraburi

Considerations When Purchasing Second Hand Motorbikes in Saraburi

North of Bangkok, Saraburi is a small town in the Saraburi Province. With just over 61,900 people, Saraburi acts as a gateway to a number of different destinations surrounding it. From ancient and beautiful historic landmarks to natural beauty found only in Thailand, having a means of your own to get around is crucial. What you will need is to find second hand motorbikes in Saraburi to purchase for your time there.

So, what goes into purchasing second hand motorbikes? Let us take a moment to consider what this will entail and how you can prepare yourself to get the lowest cost; best quality used motorbike in the area.

Finding Used Motorbikes Saraburi

Renting or buying a used motorbike in Thailand is nothing new. For many, it is the best way to get around the beautiful countryside. When looking for a used motorbike in Saraburi, you will want to keep an eye out for ads on the street. In addition, check in the local paper to find out information on people looking to sell. Chances are you are not the only buyer. The good news is that there is a high turnover rate; meaning people are constantly looking to sell. Get a list of people and bikes you may be interested in and call ahead in advance to schedule a time to inspect the bike.

Know The Bike Before You Arrive

Motorbikes, like cars, have their strengths, weaknesses, and original price points. Understanding the model of motorbike you purchase prior to arriving will inform you a great deal about the current owner. You will know if the bike is correctly priced. You will also know how to judge the bike you are currently looking at, and what in particular you will want to review.

Go Through A Checklist While Reviewing the Bike


Begin by examining the entire bike. Check to see if it lines up straight and whether or not it is clean and in good condition. Look for scrapes that are non-parallel as these may indicate an accident and a higher upkeep bill down the line. Once complete, start at the front of the bike and work your way back. Look at the tires for tire rot. Look at the bolts and nuts to see if there is any corrosion, if they have been tightened too much, or if there is rust. Check the gas tank for ware and tare and see if the interior of the tank is rotting away. Check the engine by turning the bike on and listening for any irregularities. If at any point you are uncertain or believe there may be damage, then move on. If you are unsure going into this process, then bring a friend who is familiar with motorbikes. Also, always bring a flashlight.

The Test Drive

Before you get to bartering, you will want to take the bike out for a quick spin. This will help ensure that the breaks are working, as they should and that the bike provides a comfortable ride. Once that is assured, you can begin the process of bartering the current owner down in terms of price, using the knowledge you gained through an inspection to strengthen the reasoning for a lower bid.


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