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What You Should Know About Second Hand Motorbikes in Khon Kaen

What You Should Know About Second Hand Motorbikes in Khon Kaen

Centrally located in the eastern part of Thailand, Khon Kaen has a legacy as one of the four cities of Isan. While it may be separated by more than 450 km from Bangkok, it is none-the-less a vibrant commercial and cultural hub of the country. With its remote location and natural beauty bring people far and wide; the best way to meet the needs of explorers is with used motorbikes.

Providing an effective means of transportation both within the city limits and throughout the countryside beyond, used motorbikes are inexpensive, frequently on the market, fast, and mostly reliable. If you are looking at exploring the city and surrounding land with the maximum amount of freedom, then you will want to buy a used motorbike. Khon Kaen provides many options; so let’s review what you should consider when inspecting a used motorbike for sale.

Dry Rot

Dry rot can be a big problem if it is not quickly identified. If dry rot gets passed you, then expect to pay for a new pair of tired down the road. Dry rot is common in this climate due to the heat and humidity. It should be easy enough to spot and typically accommodates worn down treads. If you see signs of dry rot, then request new tires or look somewhere else.

Gas Tank

The health of a gas tank comes down to two things. First, is the gas tank leaking? Second, is the gas tank rotting? To answer the second question, you will want to focus a flashlight into the tank and check for ware and tare to the interior lining. If the gas is dark or tea colored, then it may need to be changed prior to the engine being turned on.

Electrical + Battery

The best way to test the electrical as well as the battery is to turn the bike on and make sure all lights are working, as they should. If you want to test the battery, then listen for the sound the starter cranking makes. This will be the best indication of the life and health of the battery.


When looking over the exhaust, you will mainly be concerned about rust. If the rust is centered on the edges of the end of the pipe, then you should be ok. If there is a considerable amount of rust further up, then you may be in for a pricey repair down the road if you decide to buy.

Where Does That Leave Us?

Whether you are in Khon Kaen for business or pleasure, a used motorbike is the best way to get around. Though the process of getting a used motorbike can be complicated and time consuming, it is ultimately worth it. Getting a bike you can rely on is crucial to navigating the city and countryside. If nothing else, take your time when considering what to buy and understand that the best deal may not always be the first bike you see.

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