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Getting The Right Used Motorbikes Chiang Mai

Getting The Right Used Motorbikes Chiang Mai

With just under 150,000 residents, Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand. A vibrant city full of incredible history, culture, and people, finding your way around the city quickly will require a set of wheels. More often than not, this will mean finding a used motorbike for getting around.

Whether you are new to the city or have been here often in the past, known what to look for when purchasing a used motorbike is crucial. Without a little bit of preparation as well as a checklist of what to look for, you may end up buying a bike in terrible condition that doesn’t last more than a day. With that in mind, let’s quickly review what you need to do and what you need to inspect in order to get the best deal on your new purchase.

Prepare Before You Head Out

Be aware of the type of used motorbike you are attempting to buy. What are the flaws and strengths of the bike? Look these up before you head out. In addition, strongly consider bringing a friend as well as a flashlight. Take a moment to inspect your friend’s bike and practice looking at individual components and asking questions. While many consider this step unnecessary, it is the perfect way to stop a pushy buyer from taking advantage of you when it comes to inspecting the bike. Review a series of questions you will ask the provider and prepare in your head a few things to focus your attention on when inspecting the motorbike.

When You Are Inspecting The Bike

When a used motorbike has crashed, it is significantly more likely to require repair work down the road. Check to see if the motorbike has been crashed by looking for bends in the metal. Look for short shallow scratches that are not parallel across the body of the motorbike. You will also want to check the caliper mounting bolts and exhaust bolts to see how well they have held up. Chances are if the bike has been taxed to the point where it needs repairs; it will show in these places. Also, be sure to check the breaks. If the breaks pulse, then the break pads will have to be replaced soon. Visually inspect the breaks as well and see if anything looks worn. Finally, inspect the tires for dry rot. The last thing you want to do is purchase a used motorbike only to have the tires rot out in the first few weeks of use.

Test Drive, Terms, And Purchase

If the used motorbikes Chiang Mai owners refuse to let you test drive the motorbike then do not purchase it. A test drive will give you an idea of how it handles. Once parked, checked to see if anything is leaking and from where. If everything is as it should be and it looks good to you, then begin negotiating on the price. Typically, you can haggle a used motorbike owner down to a lower price. Don’t be afraid to walk away.

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